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The SAP Center in San Jose is bringing forth a unique production, Walking with Dinosaurs. The arena spectacle that premiered in 2007 is a live touring show that has entertained over eight million fans so far. The act is based on the 1999 BBC television series of the same name that presented accurate portrayal of creatures that lived during the prehistoric times. Using a similar theme, director Scott Faris reinvented the idea and created a touring show that uses technology, sound and special effects to educate audiences about dinosaurs. The show is not only a learning experience for children but for people of all age groups.

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Walking with Dinosaurs depicts three different time periods from the prehistoric era i.e. Cretaceous, Triassic and Jurassic eras. The environment, dinosaurs and amphibians from each period are brought to life as each dinosaur is operated by three technicians. These giant robots replicate the movements, sounds and behaviors of the creatures. Their stories as old as 200 million years ago are narrated.


Over a period of ten years, Walking with Dinosaurs has been staged in Australia, Europe, America and New Zealand. With over 1750 performances held in 206 cities, the Walking with Dinosaurs is a must-see play. If you are interested in watching this informative and entertaining show, all you need to do is purchase Walking with Dinosaurs San Jose tickets.