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Once again, monstrous dinosaurs roam in Portland, the City of Roses! This show of mechanical feats has been inspired by the creative brainchild behind the BBC Documentary Walking With Dinosaurs by Tim Haines. The documentary has been enshrined in the Guinness Book of World Records for being among the most expensive documentary series per minute and has also won two BAFTAs and three Emmys.

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The walk-through narration of the paleontologist Huxley will entertain you with facts, wrapped in humor. The huge life-sized dinosaurs will give the young and the old the opportunity to be enthralled by their thunderous roars and awe-inspiring physiques. The arena will transition from the Triassic Era towards the more popular Jurassic Era and end into the Cretaceous Era.


The meticulously crafted and engineered dinosaurs vary from the Ankylosaurus, Torosaurus, and Brachiosaurus to the infamous predator, Tyrannosaurus Rex and sixteen others. The educational script has been researched by renowned paleontologists such as Michael Benton and Peter Larson.


The show was first staged in Australia in 2007 and since then, has traveled through the continents captivating an audience of over eight million in almost 217 cities. The show has been performed thousands of times. “Wow, wow, wow… Informative and entertaining,” is how The Times reviewed the performance.


A once in a lifetime experience, showcasing the earth’s pre-historic era, Walking With Dinosaurs Portland tickets will be a treat for everyone.