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Walking With Dinosaurs is a high-budgeted show performed live. It is inspired by Tim Haines’ BBC documentary of the same name. The live show is directed by the Broadway genius Scott Faris. It features mechanical feats of life-sized dinosaurs that have been engineered brilliantly. The chance to see the marvelous beasts will excite audiences of all ages. So get Walking With Dinosaurs Cedar Park tickets and experience the thrills of the prehistoric times.

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The educational show has been scripted on the research of renowned paleontologists such as Peter Larson and Michael Benton, among others. The humorous narration by the host paleontologist Huxley will keep you entertained. As the narrator educates the audience, they witness the entire stage transform into surroundings from the different prehistoric eras. These include the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous eras.


The mechanical beasts include twenty different dinosaurs including Torosaurus, Ankylosaurus and Brachiosaurus. The predator Tyrannosaurus Rex is always the star of the show. All dinosaurs are modeled very realistically with meticulous attention to details. They roam around freely reanimating their lives and times.


The Times reviews the show as “Wow, wow, wow… Informative and entertaining.” The show premiered in Australia in 2007. Traveling through the continents, the show has captivated an audience of more than eight million so far. Out of almost two hundred and twenty cities the show has performed in, sixty percent were in the US.