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The Honda Center in Anaheim will be playing host to the unique show called Walking with Dinosaurs. The live production has been playing successfully for almost seven years. It has given performances across North America, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, UK and Australia. Walking with Dinosaurs is a unique concept that aims at entertaining the audience by recreating the era of the dinosaurs. With the help of actual-size dinosaur replicas that are operated by professionals, stories of these magnificent creatures are told. Some of the dinosaurs featuring the show include Pterosaurs, Cretaceous, Hadrosaurs, Ceratopsians, Ankylosaurus, Dromaeosaurus, Spinosaurus and Tyrannosaurs.

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The upcoming performance is a part of the North American Tour that includes stops in Cleveland, Brooklyn, Newark, Pittsburgh, Auburn Hills, Anaheim, Los Angeles, Edmonton, Victoria and Ottawa. The director of the play, Scott Faris has worked with Broadway veterans such as Trevor Nunn, Michael Blakemore, Harold Prince and Jerry Zaks.  This is his six-time Emmy winning production. The show is created by Tim Haines, producer and creator of the original Walking with Dinosaurs series that ran on BBC.


Walking with Dinosaurs has performed over 1500 shows that have been attended by more than 700 million people. Become witness to the three-time BAFTA winning production as it makes its way to Anaheim. Purchase Walking with Dinosaurs Anaheim tickets as soon as possible.