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The human eye for beauty has always revered those that have created marvelous pieces of art, whether painted on canvases, frescos such as on walls or on ceilings, such as the famous work by Michelangelo on that of the Sistine Chapel, or carved or sculpted in stone, wood, metal or clay such as that of David, also created by Michelangelo. However, few have given comparable admiration to the scrumptiously creamy and doughy works created by bakers and confectioners; that is until the show Cake Boss started airing on TLC in 2009. Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey has been around for more than a century and has been serving sweetly appeasing treats and doughy delights to the local residents in all its cake baking gusto. Its current thirty-something owner Buddy Valastro had already been a local celebrity since taking over the bakery after his father passed away in 1994. Snag some Buddy Valastro tickets now to witness the magic of baking along with all its flailing preparations live on stage.

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About The Cake Boss Buddy Valastro

Bartolo "Buddy" Valastro, Jr. was born in 1977. He was the only son of his parents, his father Bartolo "Buddy" Sr. as well as his mother Mary Valastro, both of whom worked in the family bakery. Buddy's father purchased the bakery in 1964 from its original owner Carlo Guastaferro who had started the bakery in 1910. When Buddy Valastro arrived on the scene, he was a fourth generation baker and his Italian parents inculcated a strong sense of family and togetherness in him that has endured to this day. Buddy Valastro was lucky in the sense that he developed an affinity for all things baked from an early age and thus was able to learn a considerable amount from his baker extraordinaire father till the elder Bartolo's death. Hence when finally the mantle of master baker was passed on to Buddy, he was already in good stead to manage the entire operations of the bakery.
Airing its first episode on the TLC network on April 19th 2009, the reality show Cake Boss featuring Buddy Valastro and his eccentric family had already garnered a huge fan following. It is currently in its fifth season, having aired more than a hundred episodes. Each episode is created from the edited footage of Buddy and his clan going about their baking business and presented in a 30 minute format. The title for each episode famously uses a triple alliteration, such as "Beer, Buttercups & Bumbling" the title for the show's 100th episode. Buddy Valastro is assisted by a team of dedicated bakers mostly comprising of his four older sisters and three brothers-in-law, the fourth former one Remigio "Remy" Gonzalez having left the show after being arrested on sexual assault charges. Even Buddy's mother Mary worked in the bakery and was featured on Cake Boss till 2010 until her retirement.
After having enthralled its salivating viewers with seemingly delectable desserts and sugary shenanigans for more than three years, Buddy Valastro has again taken to the road in 2012 on his live interactive tour and has been treating fans all over with his blistering baking skills and spicy Italian family tales that keep the audiences hooked on his every word and treat for the entire duration of the show. The overwhelming response from his fans makes him feel like a rock star every time he is on stage, with Buddy himself comparing the feeling to something akin to what Jon Bon Jovi would feel. Buddy Valastro even invites some of the audience members to join him on stage, whether they be an octogenarian granny or a preteen lassie.
The popularity of Cake Boss as made the seminal bakery a major culinary and tourist attraction, with a line of eager sweet tooth seekers stretching around the block that has prompted the city officials to name the area Carlo's Bakery Way. So lock down some Buddy Valastro tickets now to experience the confectioner extraordinaire craft his mouth-watering masterpieces and answer your questions with his rollicking retorts.  

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