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Amongst many other towns near Manhattan is Hoboken. It is famous for becoming the birth place of baseball as well as the legendary Frank Sinatra. This place is now known for another name that has brought both recognition and great sugary treats to it. This name is none other than Carlo Valestro or the famed Cake Boss. How did this name become so big? Well, Hoboken is a town was always known for a whole lineup of Italian bakeries on the Washington Street. Theses bakeries compete against each other especially in making and serving cakes. These cakes are either coated with fondant or other rich frostings like marzipan of butter cream. The Carlo's Bakery is one of the earliest on this street and is known for its Italian delicacies but is loved for its yummy cakes.

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Carlo's has offered cakes as a gastronomical delight for everyone since it started in 1910. The place and its products has their very signature taste and smell that made it a special part of the. Bartolo Valastro Sr. acquired this bakery in 1964, and from then onwards started working on making it an exceptional one. He was partly successful as the name of the place spread in most towns around the river. After Valastro’s death in 1994, his son Bartolo Buddy Valestro Jr. took over the place with great passion. He had a hidden talent that came forward once he was hands on into the business. Initially he showed that he had a great sense for creating new flavors and textures in cakes. His basking talent outshined and his exceptional skills took this small bakery across the river to New York City.
Carlos Bakery became such a big hit for its sumptuous cakes that New Yorkers on train or ferry would stop here to grab pastries and cakes for themselves or others to share with. However, this bakery became a sensational name once Buddy started converting cakes into art pieces. He began making cakes for everyone, everyday. Interestingly she had everything that one could imagine. Buddy made cakes for every moment, occasion, celebration and emotion. His work reflected the purpose of it beautifully. His regular cakes and delicacies went on in production as usual, but his custom made cakes became a completely different product line.
After almost fifteen years in the business, Buddy was able to prove that he was an exceptional cake maker and decorator. He got a celebrity status when TLC began airing his very own reality show called the Cake Boss. Carlos signed up for it in 2009 and has been a part of this show since then. The Cake Boss is one of its kind reality shows, it takes you through a typical say in Buddy's life. This typical day is quiet extraordinary as the Cake Boss’ wild creativity can be seen in action along with his family life. Since his business runs around the clock and the Carlos family is also involved; many business issues and family feuds come up. Buddy can be seen making cakes and making sure that he runs everything run smoothly.
Buddy Valestro is a fun loving person he bakes and shares everything the same way. With Cake Boss in Miami tickets you can be a part of this interactive fun and cake baking show. His gourmet artistry and experience is something Cake Boss in Miami can present the best. To see, learn and ask about everything you need to know form the Cake Boss, listen to his witty stories that explain different cake making techniques/concepts/designs.Buddy’s love for his spatula, whisks, silicone moulds and knifes can be seen when he makes a cake. For his television fans, he has been giving great information and sharing wonderful baking ad decoration secrets. However, for those who want to see and know more, Buddy is ready to bring them on board to Cake Boss in Miami.

Cake Boss in Miami leg of the Boss tour and in which the Cake Boss will showcase his talent, skills and share wonderful recopies, tips and secrets. It is a great opportunity for cooking, Cake Boss and food fans to come and enjoy the experience of live caking making, baking and decoration. Cake Boss in Miami will be a very special show as has great information on how Buddy runs his business. Additionally, the show is also very interactive where you can ask questions in the QA session and can be a part of cake decorating talent competitions and contest. Cheap Cake Boss in Miami tickets offer great deals. Buy them ASAP!