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Sylvia Browne is a world famous psychic and one of New York’s Best-Selling authors. She is also a researcher and lecturer of Parapsychology. Browne is mostly identified with two popular television shows, ‘The Montel Williams’ and ‘Larry King Live’ for being their regular star. Having a down to earth personality and an ingenious style, the artist has pleased a huge number of audiences across the borders and is increasing her fan following with a number of public and media appearances. She will soon be bringing her live show to your city, Sylvia Browne tickets for which are now available.

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About Sylvia Browne

Sylvia Browne discovered her psychic ability at the age of three. Friends and family being her initial clients made the artist confident about her talent and soon she was trusted for predicting the future of people in her town. This was the first accomplishment of Browne and pointed out at a probable bright career in the same field in the future. She moved to California in the mid sixties and started assisting people privately. Continuing with this, in the later years with an aim to help people live happily and understand the meaning of life, she formed The Nirvana Psychic Research Organization.
Sylvia Browne is featured in a number of television programs. The list includes The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet, That’s Incredible Unsolved Mysteries and others.  Internationally, she has made appearances in CBS Special Haunted Lives and Good Day Boston to name a few. Apart from this, Browne makes a number of public appearances every year. Her two hours long, one-woman show is among her most popular programs. Along with professional appearances, she is also acknowledged for her work with charitable organizations.
Sylvia Browne’s popularity in bringing a change in people’s life is based on her specific philosophy. Through research via hypnosis, finding out stories from the past lives and her deep trance channeling abilities, she influences the thought process of her clients in a positive way. Starting off from a number of trance sessions and hypnotic regressions, she has settled her findings on a fact that reincarnations are a key to understand life. She ensures that her clients are satisfied to their hearts and leave with a light and a disentangled mind.
Browne has published a number of books till now and the list includes the ‘End of Days’, ‘All Pets Go to Heaven’, ‘Messages from Spirit’ and others. Her latest one named ‘Psychic- My Life in Two World’ discusses her professional and personal experiences that have never been disclosed to public before. She has also set up a Sylvia Training Center which is considered to be one of the credible institutes to teach the unique hypnosis methods for professional and personal use.
Sylviw Browne’s live shows are engaging and keep the audiences involved through her findings and opinions throughout the show. She generally speaks about the everyday life issues and how can a mind adjust to the negativities in life. Apart from this, she gives her opinion about the political scene and makes predictions about the future, good and bad of a country. Her shows are known to keep the audiences at the edge of their seats. If you are interested in the subject of psychology and have a belief that altering your specific mindset can actually bring a change in your life, you will certainly enjoy her show. The artist is often found saying ‘It does not matter if you believe in God, because God believes in you’. Find out the way she makes you believe in what she says. Cheap Sylvia Browne tickets are available for her upcoming performance. So avail the discount offer and place the order for Sylvia Browne tickets before it is too late!

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