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The title game of the National Football League, the Super Bowl is the most popular sporting event in the United States. The day of the final game is in fact, a national holiday marked by the celebration of the sport and its deep roots in American culture. The Super Bowl is the most watched televised event in America and the second most watched annual sporting event worldwide, drawing audiences of over 100 million viewers. Super Bowl Media Day is just one of the many unique traditions of the Super Bowl – it allows media members to interact with players of participating teams and catch the behind-the-scene preparations for the mega-event. Super Bowl Media Day is open to fans too this time around – you can get to meet your favorite players and enjoy many more attractions so make sure to get your cheap Super Bowl Media Day tickets before they run out!

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About Super Bowl Media Day

Super Bowl Media Day is not about the big time players – while you do have your big lights and fancy equipment, everyone from the biggest starts of the game down to the players who are only seen during team practice is interviewed. Photo shoots with the entire team are arranged and the players and media professionals have a little fun before kickoff. This rare interaction has been looked at by most fans with awe for years, and for the first time ever, the fans are finally getting a chance to attend Super Bowl Media Day at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. While fans won’t be running around with a microphone interviewing players, they will get to meet their favorite stars, take pictures and get free autographs. Fans will also get a gift bag that includes a radio that will allow them to hear their favorite players’ interviews. This first-time Super Bowl event will also allow fans to visit team locker rooms and see the preparations for the big game in full swing. Kids can test their sports skills by taking part in special games with their favorite players, while Super Bowl highlights will be available in a number of exhibits.

The next best thing to watching your team win the Super Bowl is to catch the pregame action, meet the star players and have a look at the behind-the-scenes preparation for one of the world’s biggest sporting events. The upcoming Super Bowl Media Day allows you to do just that. For the first time in history, the event has been opened to the public, and there is no guarantee that it will be the same way next time around. Make sure you don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity and get your Super Bowl Media Day tickets today! We have some great deals for cheap Super Bowl Media Day tickets here, but there is only a limited number available and they won’t last forever. So, what are you waiting for! Get your Super Bowl Media Day tickets and while you’re at it get some for your family and friends too!
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