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Road shows are not a joke and there is a lot of hard work and immense effort in producing a single show. Pawn Stars is one such American reality television show that has been rated as the highest rated show of the network. The show made a debut in 2009 which is primarily based on the chronicles of Gold & Silver Pawn Shop which is a family affair of Richard Harrison, his son Rick Harrison, his grand son Corey and Corey’s friend Austin. The show is all about the interaction of staff with the customers who bring artifacts for sale or for pawning. The show is based on the history of the artifacts, their price and the background which is in the form of a narration usually provided by Corey, Rick, and Richard and at times by Austin too.

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About Pawn Stars Road Show

The Pawn Stars road show also displays the interpersonal interactions of Corey, Richard, Rick and Austin thus making the show more interesting. Some Cameo appearances have also been made on the show especially by Meredith Vieira, Bob Dylan, The Oak Ridge Boys and Jeremy McKinnon. At times the professional are also invited to the show thus making the sale or pawning more authentic or to determine the value of the artifact or in some cases an effort to restore them too. Mostly the jewelry is the item that appears recurrently in the Gold & Silver Pawn shop thus having over 12000 items in the shop. The items are at times difficult for the Harrisons to judge and in such a situation they consult a knowledgeable expert who helps in identifying the worth of the item. Also the authenticity and other issues are also determined by the experts like the repair needed and the cost of the repair thus making the item worth restoring.
The Pawn Stars Road Show is an intellectual show in a way that it instills the spirit of knowing how to judge the artifact and the history of many items from the past. The show has been made interesting by the little interpersonal arguments delivered by the Harrison thus keeping the audience spellbound. The arguments are usually focused on the running of the shop which seems to be a tough affair for the family. The road shows like Pawn Stars are worth witnessing as they surely help in perceiving the past from the precious artifacts out there foe sale or pawn. Make the best of your money and get Pawn Stars Road Show Tickets now and witness the artifacts from the past. It will surely impress you!

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