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The team from the hit TV show MythBusters has hit the road for their Behind the Myths tour for what promises to be a very special journey. The amazing group will bust myths that have continued to confuse a lot of us for years. So fans grab the cheap Behind the Myths tickets and catch the action live up close and personal from the best seats in the house.

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About Mythbusters Behind the Myths

A series of shows geared towards busting myths was an idea that was conceived by Peter Reese in the year 2002. The program was to be called Tall Tales or True and was made for the Discovery Channel. After some changes to the format the channel agreed to produce and air it as a test project of three episodes. Visual and special effects specialist Jamie Hyneman was brought on board who then went on to convince Adam Savage to join in on the fun. The program made its debut in 2003 and that was the start of a show that was to go on to become the sensation that it is today.
Jamie and Adam were the two original busters of various myths but as the program grew in popularity it became imperative that new people be hired to help out. Scottie Chapman, Tory Belleci, Grant Imahara and Kari Byron began making regular appearances on screen.
A lot of what is shown on TV and all the myths that will be taken apart on Behind the Myths are worked on at the various workshops owned by Jamie in San Francisco.  Some of the acts they perform are recorded in Australia as well. In case the space required to perform acts get too large then they move outdoors to different parts of San Francisco and the north side of California. For experiments that are radical and don’t fall into the definition of conventional they re-locate to certain parts of Africa as well. The entire process of testing the authenticity of a myth is very simple indeed. The results, based on the outcome of an experiment are categorized into three types busted, plausible and confirmed. Every myth is tested and re-tested by increasing the desired parameters till a result is achieved that is conclusive one way or the other.
As part of Behind the Myths road trip this remarkable crop of people will once again take to the stage and test different myths. A fascinating aspect of this road trip is the direct interaction the audience will get to have with the group where they will be provided the chance to ask questions and engage in dialogue with the people on stage. It will be an exciting show by an equally interesting collection of people who are not afraid to push the boundaries of science and reality. So if you want to be a part of it then grab your Behind the Myths tickets and be a part of this fascinating occasion.

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