Marvel Universe Live Pittsburgh Tickets

Comic books have been one of the most important and most popular forms of entertainment for people for quite a while now. Children of all ages have been fascinated by the various comic characters and have followed them quite vigilantly. With Marvel Universe Live! you can do the same but this time you can watch all your favorite heroes live, right in front of your eyes.  

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About Marvel Universe Live Pittsburgh Tickets


Marvel Universe Live! brings you an experience unlike any other in the world. For the first time ever, all the most popular characters from the Marvel Universe will be brought to life and the fans will be able to see them in action, live in the flesh. All you need are your Marvel Universe Live Pittsburgh tickets and you too can see this event live at the Consol Energy Center.


You are in for a real treat as Marvel has created a storyline just for this spectacular new show. It follows the most powerful thing in the world called the Cosmic Cube. Thor decides to break it up in little pieces and scatter them all over the galaxy in order to keep it safe from evil hands. However, Loki hears of the Cube’s fate and decides to rejoin the pieces to acquire the ultimate power over the world.


Watch as an epic battle ensues between some of the greatest heroes in the world and some of the wickedest villains in the universe. It promises to be an incredible spectacle for Marvel fans, one they cannot afford to miss out on.