Marvel Universe Live Hamilton Tickets

From comic books to TV shows, to full length feature films, Marvel has brought its characters to life in a universe that is grand and epic. After triumphing big screens all over the world with its numerous hits, Marvel now takes a swing with its first ever live action arena show. The show will tour across the nation featuring more than 25 Marvel characters that will keep you on the edge of your seats for the entire show. Marvel Universe Live will hit various arenas including First Ontario Centre in Hamilton, Ontario.

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The plot of the show revolves around the epic quest centered on the Cosmic Cube. Cosmic Cube is one of the most powerful and hence most feared artifacts in the Marvel Universe, and it exists in form of pieces across the globe to keep it from being used by evil forces. However, Thor’s malevolent brother, Loki, comes up with a plan to replicate its powers and then pose a threat to the world and the universe at large.


To overcome these odds, Marvel’s heroes like the Avengers, Wolverine and Spiderman join forces to take on Loki and to save the day once more. On their epic quest, the super heroes will come across antagonists like Madame Hydra, Green Goblin, Red Skull, Electro, Doctor Octopus and several more. With world domination on their mind, these enemies will pose a serious threat to the Super Heroes as they try to stop Loki from his evil plans. So as this epic tale unfolds, make sure you’re there to experience it live with Marvel Universe Live Hamilton tickets.