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Justin Silver is from Queens so you know that he is a true New Yorker and he has taken upon himself to help the people of NY who share their house with canines. Chiquita and Pacino are his two pet pit bulls who have played a huge role in propelling him to become a dog trainer from a dog lover. Recently, he has landed a role as a host on a CBS reality show, Dogs in the City. Justin has been engaged in rescuing and fostering abused animals for a long time before he started a pet care service center, The Language of Dogs, in New York. And that’s not all because Justin also has a knack for comedy and is a regular stand-up comedian in various comedy venues around New York including “Stand Up New York”, “Caroline’s” and “The Comedy Cellar”. Justin also founded a charity in 2005 with the name “Funny for Fido”, a project which combines his love for dogs and comedy. For being a unique act, Justin Silver tickets never have a difficulty in selling out quickly and completely.  

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About Justin Silver

To put it simply, Justin Silver works as a stand-up comedian in the night and as a pet guardian during the day. Although Justin had a love for animals since childhood but he attributes his current position to his two pit bulls who stirred a passion in him to help homeless dogs and cats. There is also a story behind how he got to adopt these two animals. Chiquita was rescued from a bunch of teenagers who threw her over the fence and had used a wire hanger as a collar while Pacino was suffering from a bad skin disease when Justin found him. He looked after him until he was healthy. According to Justin, his work for rescuing and fostering animals is the most rewarding thing in his life.
It is difficult to say whether Justin Silver is more of a comedian than a pet guardian. People who know him would say that he is equally passionate about both and so both of these are his serious professions. According to him, he had been observing animal suffering for a long time and suddenly it became hard for him to just stand on the sideline and do nothing about it. So Silver became an animal advocate and put together a comedy show which raised money for the rescue groups present in New York City. The benefit is called Funny for Fido: Comics Stand Up for New York’s Homeless Dogs and has seen a lot of comedians performing on its stage. The line-up of the show gets better every year, so does the raised funds.  
Dog trainer/ stand-up comedian (though not particularly in a specific order), Justin Silver entertains humans with his wit and animals with his cause. He is doing two things in one shot and is excellent at both of them. When Justin is not busy in so many of his on-going endeavors, he likes to work-out, volunteer at animal shelters and play with his pit bulls in the neighborhood. Stand-up comedians, the contestants and hosts of shows and series simply rack up TV credits because of their talking heads. However, Justin proved that if you are sincere to your offstage profession, it can also pave your way to success. And it was his passion that brought him on a platform as big as CBS where he now has his own show, Dogs in the City. He also has Funny for Fido, a show where he brings comedians from all around and the proceeds are used for the benefit of homeless pets. His live acts around the clubs in New York City are also a delight to watch. People who can get cheap Justin Silver tickets are always a nice treat for comedy lovers where they get to see this charming man chatting away the evening with his humorous rants.

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