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The Georgia Aquarium project has served various purposes after its 2005 inauguration. Creator Bernie Marcus had it earmarked to become a main attraction of the city of Atlanta. It is also serving as an educational destination for children, along with its environmental & conservation work for species such as male beluga whales & tarpon. But more than anything else, it is the sheer diversity of subterranean life that strikes visitors normally cooped up in their indoors which has sold Georgia Aquarium tickets. The Georgia Aquarium has been highly successful in all regards & the world's largest aquarium (a title under threat from Dubai's Burj Khalifa) has taken great advantage of its significant location at Pemberton Place.

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About Georgia Aquarium

Atlanta has emerged as the second fastest growing city in the US, showcasing its rise to prominence in the last decade. Downtown Atlanta hosts Pemberton Place, a large area across Baker Street from the Centennial Olympic Park that is home to Georgia Aquarium & The World of Coca Cola permanent exhibition. The 27-month construction began in 2001 when Bernie Marcus, inspired by the Monterey Bay Aquarium & his visits of 56 aquaria in 13 different countries, donated $250 million for the project. An additional $40 million donation by various corporations enabled the Georgia Aquarium to open debt free. Jeff Swanagan, former CEO of Florida Aquarium, was employed to oversee the development, becoming president & executive director.

Georgia Aquarium boasts 60 habitats to house its 100,000 animals & fish belonging to 500 separate species. With 16,400m of ball space, 2 food service kitchens, an on-site restaurant & gift shops, Georgia Aquarium provides all the necessary facilities to keep its visitors entertained. And the main attractions include four whale sharks, two beluga whales & a couple of manta rays. The animals are displayed in five different galleries. Georgia Explorer contains touch tanks geared towards educating children about rays, sharks, sea turtles & the local Gray's Reef. Peculiar freshwater fish can be seen in a spectacular overhead river in the River Scout. Most of the mammals, including beluga whales, African penguins & spider crabs, are housed in the Cold Water Quest. Ocean Voyager takes visitors in a 100ft underwater tunnel to explore the aquarium's major deep inhabitants, while Tropical Diver exhibits intriguing live coral reefs & other stunning aspects of marine life.

The Georgia Aquarium welcomed its 10 millionth guest in June 2009, as visits exceeded expectations despite the high prices. The 4D movie theater is particularly impressive, while visitors have showered praise on the exotic collection of aquatic life & numerous educational innovations, such as the Open Ocean Touch-wall. To this end, Georgia Aquarium hosted the "Titanic Aquatic" & "Planet Shark: Predator or Prey" exhibitions recently.

Georgia Aquarium tickets usher you into a world of top-drawer family funs with fantastic viewing of the ocean's deepest secrets, & interactive fun with the newly-opened "Swim with the Gentle Giants" program. Enthusiasts would require no further encouragement to join the dash for their Georgia Aquarium tickets.
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