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How probable is it to witness the extinct creatures after millions of years?! Well, we are making it possible by inviting you to the greatest dinosaur event in 65 million years, Dinoshore Showboat.  The event is planned to take the visitors on a wild ride through history. It will showcase the 250 million year old dinosaur bones and prehistoric skeletons, interesting the people of all age groups.

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About Dinoshore

Through our childhood we have read and heard about the fierce living creatures named dinosaurs. Being extinct from the face of the earth, we have only seen them in movies and books. Dinoshore is one event which would allow you to see the real dinosaur skeletons and bones preserved over millions of years ago. The guests would get a chance to witness dozens of Earth’s earliest inhabitants including Nanotyrannus, Megalodon and many others. It would not only astound them with the huge body structures but also educate them with the uncommon species of these living creatures. Dinosaurs that swam, ‘Savages of the Seas’, featured and winged dinosaurs are the genus not well known by the people. Dinoshore Showboat will answer all their queries left unanswered till now about dinosaurs.
The event will take place at the Showboat-Casino Hotel in Atlantic City. Dinsohore Showboat promises to take the visitors on a fascinating ancient adventure that is not only entertaining but also educational. Dinoshore Showboat Tickets are already on sale! Hurry and get them as early as possible!

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