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Jan Rouven also known as “The Man who Lives On” is one of the most acclaimed illusionist of modern times. There is a famous quote regarding him: “The highest goal man can achieve is astonishment”. Rouven does exactly that, he has the capabilities of astonishing his live audiences and marvel them in sheer amazement. The fascination and intrigue, the mystery and the inexplicability of illusion have been an acclaimed art for over 2000 years. It is hence rendered to one of the most historic types of entertainment for mankind. Rouven is committed to this form of art and has successfully set new levels of illusion art entertainment with his colossal illusion which are highly unique all over the world. The manner in which he displays his mind blowing illusions is done so in a fresh and new style. He creates an extremely intense ambience for his live audiences.

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About Jan Rouven

You will get the chance to see fire lit circular cutting saws that race towards the hand cuffed and completely tied up illusionist at a remarkable speed. There is also another illusion where an original turbine which has been is of an aero plane, sucking him right into the fast moving rotor. Plus, he uses a mine drill is used for the naked eyes of the audience to see being drilled directly through his upper body. Rouven has a massive inclination towards extremely dangerous performances.
Many famous colleagues of his have acknowledged and also supported him throughout the years that he has been in the entertainment industry as a polished illusionist. One of his most acclaimed friends is Siegfried Fischbacher, he’s part of the the famous Magicians Duo known as Siegfried & Roy who were also given a title of “Magicians of the Century”.  He is absolutely impressed by Jan Rouven’s talents and masterful skills. Rouven is permitted exclusively to make use of some of the innovative sets of the super magicians in his own acts.

In nearly a decade of his brilliant career, Rouven has successfully performed at live shows with audiences ranging more than 20,000 or more. Over 3 million live audiences have seen his performances and nearly 55 million audiences have keenly watched him on his television appearances. In addition to this, he has had the honor of being awarded a few highly prestigious international awards from entertainment industries all over the world. At award ceremonies he has won in many various categories such as “Magician of the Year”, “Entertainer of the Year” he was elected by over 37,000 participants of the largest magic community from all over the world in accordance with the acclaimed Guinness Book of World records, and “Audience Award Carlo Magic Stars” which was presented to him by Princess Stephanie from Monaco. So far, Rouven is known to be Germany’s most flourishing and thriving illusionists and he ranks amid the world’s most well known magicians. If you are a fan of his or a fan of watching a live entertaining show that will marvel, astonish and captivate all of your senses then this is a spectacular time to get Jan Rouven tickets and experience an event that will blow your mind.

Jan Rouven stars in the rather conventional television show. In this show he brings about various stars from the world over to join him in his acts on a yearly basis. Not just celebrities from movies or television shows but also sporting stars. Rouven brought Formula 1 pilots such as Lewis Hamilton as well as Juan Pablo Montoya who both had trust in his skills and expertise and made his show into one of the most famously successful shows. At the moment Rouven is a regular star on a French television on a highly flourishing program which is known as “le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde”. The specials that he does on television are reached to an audience numbered in millions in not just France but also in Japan. Jan Rouven is soon scheduled to perform live in a stunning event in a fabulous venue near you. You can book you cheap Jan Rouven tickets today and get the chance of experiencing one of the most awe striking, jaw dropping and absolutely brilliant acts by this talented illusionist.

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