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Widely known by his iconic alias “The Man with Nine Lives”, Jan Rouven is a world renowned illusionist. He mastered the art of illusion at a very young age as compared to other illusionists of the recent time.  Spellbinding and extremely outrageous acts, in which he doesn’t feel shy to play with his own body and life, define Rouvan’s persona. Though his live shows are charged with amazing post-Goth and fine dance performances, he surely continues to be the star of the night headlining with his death defying illusions. Within his career of almost ten years, he has entertained 20,000 people at a time and won numerous accolades and recognitions. Having done shows countrywide, Jan Rouven is soon bringing his spine-tingling show to Riviera Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas. You can now get Jan Rouven illusions tickets to be a part of such fascinating event.

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About Jan Rouven Illusions

Born and raised in Germany, Rouvan developed his interest in this particular art form at a young age. He was greatly fascinated by the secrecy and the mystery that is beyond the understanding of human beings. Driven by his inquisitive nature, he started to practice magic and art of illusion and soon he became one of the most influential illusionists of the country. Rouvan began to perform at international venues when his popularity increased in Germany and his acts were considered to be the most authentic and original. This is probably due to his endless efforts, practice and hard work that paid off and helped Rouvan evolve his exclusive style over the course of his professional career. His novel acts and creative execution is highly regarded by his fellow magicians like Siegfried Fischbacher and critics who appreciate the talent of this successfully progressing magic master. Jan Rouvan is bestowed by several critical awards like Merlin Award for “Magician of the Year” (2004) “Mandrake D’or Award” (2006) and “Audience Award Monte Carlo Magic Stars” (2007) for his exceptional work in the field of illusion. Such appreciation helps the illusion master to proceed further and he strives to consistently outperform in his field.
With time Rouvan has gained international fame and he regularly takes his shows to several international destinations. He has executed his illusions and amazing acts along with other local stars in Switzerland, France, Croatia and Netherlands. Enjoy the live acts as nothing comes closer to the experience when he captivates thousands of people during a live show. Rouvan’s charm and lively stage presence along with his ability to connect with the audience makes him inevitably the most likeable illusionist. His tendency to carry out precarious stunts by risking his life indisputably gives him the title ‘The Man with Nine Lives’. One of the main attractions of Jan Rouvan’s show is that he involves random and willing people from the crowd which creates suspense and excitement in the audience and helps maintain the excitement in the show. The show contains many mind boggling moments that would leave the viewers on the edge of their seats. Within the main acts, various interesting and creatively choreographed dance performances by Jan Rouvan troupe give the audiences a visual treat and add to the pleasure. Humble by nature, Rouvan admires the support of his fans and fellows which help him in creating something even fresh and better.
Among major hallmarks of a Jan Rouvan event include modern concepts for shows, audience involvement and bold stunts. These turn his show into a wonderful and truly magical experience. From years of practice, he has evolved his style by reforming his acts in the most refined manner. Such practice and hard work adds an original touch to his shows which is loved by his audience. Due to his exclusiveness, Jan Rouven continues to enjoy love and support of his admirers. The illusion master is gearing up to put an exciting show at Riviera Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas soon. You can buy cheap Jan Rouven illusions tickets so that you don’t have to miss out on this exciting event. Rush now and get tickets that fit your budgetary requirements.

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