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Referred to as the ‘Modern day Houdini’ by the New York Times, David Blaine is one of the most prolific illusionist and escape artist of our generation. Although considered to be a magician famous for his street and close up acts, Blaine ventured into being an endurance artist later on in his career. Blaine has performed all over the world and enjoys a massive fan following. Having performed for presidents and celebrities, Blaine holds the distinction of breaking a number of world records. David Blaine Dallas tickets are an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to witness an accomplished performer.

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Known for his endurance feats, David Blaine has gone without food and water for days. He has been submerged in icy water for hours and has the distinction of holding his breath under water for more than seventeen minutes. These accomplishments are a testament to Blaine’s amazing ability to survive even in the most adverse conditions. Considered to be an enigma, Blaine’s achievements are attributed to the way he mentally prepares his body. He has been the focus of a number of TV specials and documentaries and has appeared in his own presentations as well.
His accomplishments have inspired a whole generation of young performers all around the world. His performances are known to defy logic and reason which serves as inspiration for anyone interested in magic.Cheap David Blain tickets are available online for fans who are interested in watching their favorite artist perform.

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