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Theresa Caputo, the host of Long Island Medium has a special talent. She is a medium and helps people communicate with spirits. Yes, you heard that right, spirits. According to Caputo, she has been sensing spirits since the age of four, but she was in her 20s when she started to communicate with them. That interaction changed her life forever.

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Her first book, “There’s More to Life than This: Healing Messages, Remarkable Stories, and Insight from the Other Side" peaked at the number 2 spot on the New York Times best seller list. Her second book, “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up: Life Changing Lessons from Heaven”, is expected to be released very soon. 


Theresa Caputo as a medium has been questioned by the media to reveal her methods of receiving information. In response, she has declared that the spirits speak another language which differs in speed and dimension hence it cannot be explained in black and white terms.


She says that she communicates with the spirits through her sixth sense and intuition by interpreting certain symbols and signs.  She only delivers messages and it is up to the client to attach a meaning to them.


It is a unique talent whichever way you look at it and that is precisely what makes Caputo’s sessions so intriguing. Now that she is on her way to the Genesee Theatre, this is your chance to grab Theresa Caputo Waukegan tickets and be a part of a surreal experience live.