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One of the best known television personalities from America, Theresa Caputo, will be performing at the Family Arena in Saint Charles this October. She is most commonly known for her television show on TLC, Long Island Medium. She is also one of the bestselling authors of New York Times.

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About Theresa Caputo Saint Charles Tickets


The actress was born in Long Island and claims to have had the ability to sense spirits around her from a very young age. She learnt to make communication and converse with them at the age of twenty. With thorough knowledge on this matter and proper training she started practicing this medium of communication professionally. She took up writing as a career and released the book "There's More to Life Than This" in 2013. This book was ranked number two on New York Times Best Seller List. Whereas, the Long Island Medium show is based on this very gift that Theresa Caputo possesses. She makes contacts with the deceased on national television while following her everyday life as a housewife and mother of two.


At this live show, Theresa will give the audience live readings and share more details about this gift with her fans. She will also acknowledge the viewers with the ways in which she helps the deceased attain closure by helping them communicate with their loved ones. To witness all of these exciting experiences live, get your theresa caputo saint charles tickets now.