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The gifted celebrity, Theresa Caputo will be holding live readings at the Ted Constant Convocation Center located in Norfolk, Virginia as part of her ‘Theresa Caputo Live! The Experience’ show. The popular medium who gained massive popularity after her reality show ‘Long Island Medium’ aired on TLC in 2011 will be interacting with fans throughout. She will also share stories about her personal life and how she handles her special ability that has no ‘off button’. All those who wish to meet with her, now have the chance of doing so by buying tickets for the show.

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About Theresa Caputo Norfolk Tickets

Theresa Caputo is a Hicksville born reality television personality. With a net worth that estimates to $1 million, Theresa has been active in the entertainment industry since 3 years now. She introduced herself as a professional medium i.e. someone who can communicate with the dead. Theresa claims to have been born with these special abilities and has undergone lifelong training and spiritual healing in order to use her communication skills to help those in need. Even though the medium has faced massive controversy by publications as well as critics, ratings and viewerships of her show are ever increasing. When Theresa is not working on her show, she is seen touring across America where she holds private as well as group readings. Theresa is also the proud author of two books, both of which have made their way to New York’s Best Selling list. Get Theresa Caputo Norfolk tickets to confirm presence at her upcoming showcase.