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Theresa Caputo is a renowned psychic and host of the hit TLC reality show, “Long Island Medium.” She is a self-taught spiritual teacher and healer, known for the ability to communicate with the deceased. The show is all about Theresa’s accurate mystic encounters with the dead. She shares with her audience the messages she gets from the sprits. Theresa is very passionate about her work. Juggling between being a housewife and a psychic, she regularly shares her own experiences through her show.

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Caputo has been in this profession for more than a decade now. She has helped thousands find solace through her dedication and care. She is one of Forever Family Foundation’s most reputable certified mediums. The organization works with a number of psychics, connecting people in this world with the afterlife.


This spring Caputo launched the fifth season of her show and also announced her upcoming tour “Theresa Caputo, LIVE! The Experience.” The show is very different from her television appearances. Those who have attended have called it a “magical experience” where audiences are able to find the spiritual support they need. Theresa shares her life’s stories with the audience through interactive readings. Apart from delivering live messages, she reads out excerpts from her book. Her fans in the Big Apple will see two runs of the show at the NYC’s Beacon Theatre. Theresa Caputo New York tickets are all you need to be there.