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In nearly sold out halls, Theresa Caputo glides between the aisles and chooses people at random to deliver messages. There seems to be nothing out of the ordinary about delivering messages; but when they come from Caputo, they come from a different dimension altogether. The clairvoyant passes on messages to people from their relatives, who have departed from this world. She uses her abilities to talk to the dead and conveys their messages to their loved ones. Not only does this help in giving people closure, it helps them in moving forward with their life.

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About Theresa Caputo Elmira Tickets

Theresa Caputo gained her abilities to see spirits and ghosts when she was just a child. A spiritual healer named Pat Longo helped her understand her abilities and taught her how to use them to benefit others. The medium has since then adjusted to paranormal happenings in her everyday life. Caputo went on to feature in the reality television series, ‘Long Island Medium’ which documents how she has helped scores of people. It also shows how the medium balances her role as a caring wife and the loving mother of two children. Caputo has authored two books, one of which secured the second spot in the New York Times best seller list

Theresa Caputo has gained immense popularity and her demand to conduct readings has grown exponentially. The medium is booked two years in advance by people seeking to communicate with their loved ones. So don’t miss the chance to watch her in person and get Theresa Caputo Elmira tickets booked right away.