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Jo Frost or the acclaimed Channel 4’s reality show Supernanny is coming to share more of her parenting knowledge and tips with you. Jo Frost Beyond the Naughty Step tickets offer the best chance to learn about Frost’s experiences as a nanny and benefit from its interactive sessions. Jo Frost is a smart and intelligent English lady. She is no super mom but a super charged “no-nonsense disciplinarian”. She became a household name with the famous catchphrases "Naughty Step" and “Time out”. As the Supernanny she has helped many parents to discipline their children and taking care of them. Jo has also touched upon parental wellbeing as the secret to raise happy, healthy and confident children. Her reality shows, books and the Supernanny Hotline have been raved all over the world. No wonder she tags herself as the “modern day Isis” of discipline and anti-social behavior. You can also benefit from simple yet enlightening sessions her, be sure to go to Jo Frost Beyond the Naughty Step.

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About Jo Frost Beyond The Naughty Step

Children and Jo have always worked really well together. Since her adolescent years she has been working as a care giver. Gifted with an ability to understand children, she became very skilled at handling children of all kinds and ages. She was highly intuitive and dealt with various personality types delivering what the parents wanted. Amazingly good at her job, she opted to become a nanny after graduating from college. She used her earlier experiences and innate ability to make a career that was rewarding for herself and life saving for others.

Jo Frost became a star after she brought her years of experience in child care to the reality series in 2004. After the first three episodes of the show it became a big time hit. While on air in the UK, audiences got hooked to it demanding Supernanny to come over to the US.  She debuted in the American version of the show that became a phenomenal hit. With no formal qualifications in child care, Jo made use of her firm ego and discipline methods to deal with problems of varying nature, scale and intensity. With this show concluding, Jo will have recorded over a hundred thousand hours of extraordinary child-rearing related problem solving. The US shows presented cases where Frost intervention acted as a miracle drug and treated the issue at hand. Jo is seen by introducing various ideas and solutions for the struggling parents and showing them the path of rescuing themselves from long term trouble.

From potty training to tantrums, sibling rivalry and bullying, fussy eating and troublesome sleep, you name it, she has it. Jo offers solutions and a learning experience for everyone having a hard time brining up kids or even people interested in parenting. Parents, babysitters and caregivers at daycares and schools have reported to have benefitted from her fool proof advice and methods. By changing their attitudes, approach and reasoning parents and caregivers have effectively countered behavioral, physiological and social problems.

Frost’s philosophy is based on the notion that problems faced by the parents in childrearing are actually problems with their own self leading their kids and rest of the family in troubles. For every case at hand she initially trouble shoots and then teaches parents to handle it independently. Her theories are easy to understand and methods simple to follow. The “Naughty Step” taught by her in Supernanny saved many struggling kids and their fraught parents. She is going a step forward with her live interactive seminars talking about how to maintain desirable behavior in the long run.

Jo didn’t stop here, apart from writing her expertise and sharing it through books like Supernanny: How to Get the Best from Your Children. She had actively helped many parent through interactive forums on television and cyberspace. Her online FAQ’s and helplines offer great experiences too. Recently Jo decided to take a step beyond the Naughty Step. Jo Frost’s Confident Toddler Care was her second last book. It forced her to come up a more detailed manual titled Jo Frost’s Toddler SOS: Solutions for the Trying Toddler Years. This is another wonderful addition to her accomplished portfolio. The seventh in line, this book will be promoted by the Queen of the Naughty Step help with Jo Frost Beyond the Naughty Step. Cheap Jo Frost Beyond the Naughty Step tickets offer great deals and bargains. You can get them by making early bird reservations. Grab your deals and hear the Supernanny out and loud in a venue near you. Happy Parenting….

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