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Glenn Beck is an extremely talented American Television and Radio host, commentator, author and entrepreneur. He hosts a TV program "The Glenn Beck Program" and another news show. He has written many books; six of them were New York Times Best Sellers. He also founded a multi Media Company named as Mercury Radio Arts. He was born in 1964 in Washington and became a part of the radio show at the age of 13. He discovered his talent in this field by winning a contest and then gradually the consistent work and internal capabilities made him a popular media person. Along with the other work, he does the live shows which have gained massive popularity and appreciation.

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Beck's live shows revolve around discussions about various events, inspirational lectures and comedy. He started the live performances in 2005 in America and since then this has become an integral part of his occupation. The live events are all not the same. Last year his show was a live film based on his book and currently his performances are commentary and discussion on various issues. The current tour "The Bold and Fresh Tour 2010" is doing great. Thousands of fans follow beck for his inspirational teachings. In 2009, his event was expected to be attended by 800 people but ended up with 7000 people. This shows his recognition and popularity. Beck is coming to Clemson soon. Get the Glenn Beck Clemson Tickets now and enjoy a quality and informative time!