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Every summer for the last fourteen years, the iconic Red Rock Amphitheater holds the film festival Film on the Rocks, comprising of ten events, each of which features cult-classic films as well as many past fan-favorites. Colorado film fans will be enthused to know this season’s intriguing lineup, recently announced by the Denver Arts & Venues and Denver Film Society, which carefully selects films to present the ideal combination of film and music in some of the most breathtaking settings of the state. This season glances back in time, featuring risky business activities, bluesy brothers, mean girls, and some games of hunger alongside princesses waiting to be married.  Among the season’s highlights are the Back to the Future series, anniversary screenings Die Hard and Risky Business, and concluding with the 1975 comedy musical horror film Rocky Horror Picture Show. With music, lyrics and book by Richard O’Brien, and direction by Jim Sharman, screenplay by O’Brien and Sharman, the production is famous for giving a humorous tribute to horror B movies and science fiction between late 1940s and early 1970s. Nearly after four decades of its premiere, the film is still only available in limited release, and happens to be the theatrical release with the longest running in the history of film. It is no wonder why so many horror movie fans are still more than excited to get their hands on the precious Rocky Horror Picture Show tickets.

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About Film On The Rocks Rocky Horror Picture Show

Film on the Rocks series, which began in 2000, is a collaborative production that was created to give the community an affordable opportunity to enjoy live entertainment and films at the Red Rock Amphitheatre. It was initiated with the film screening of Francis Ford Coppola’s legend movie The Godfather before a relatively small audience, and by 2012, more than sixty thousand people were attending this festival. Rocky Horror Picture Show centers on the wonderful and the weird as recently engaged couple is traveling on a pouring night when they encounter a problem with their car halting in the heavy rain. The two try to find some contact to get help only to come across at the dingy castle of transvestite Dr. Frank-N-Furter. The latter offers them a place to spend the night, but will the two choose to remain there in the midst of their mysterious discoveries of the castle particularly when they come across the huge mind-boggling group of Transylvanians dancing to warp time. Its plot, style and setting essentially echo those of Hammer Horror movies that had their own characteristically recognizable style, and is also resembles Hammer production of Revenge of Frankenstein, featuring Peter Cushing.  It is the film that introduces big act Tim Curry while also featuring very young Barry Bostwick and Susan Sarandon alongside cast members of the original 1973 production at London’s Royal Court Theatre.

In North America, Rocky Horror Picture Show opened in Westwood, Los Angeles at the USA Theatre in August 1975, and did well in that location only. Its cult following did not emerge until after it was run as a midnight film in NYC’s Waverly Theater in April 1976. By 1978, it was being played in more than fifty different locations on Saturday and Fridays at midnight, while newsletter published schedules by the local performance groups, as fans got together for some fun Rocky Horror conventions. Towards the ended of 1979, it was on showing twice a week at more than two hundred and thirty theatres. The film basically received favorable reviews from various film critics mostly on part of Curry’s singing and performance. In addition to the film itself, its music including the original release of Glee: Music, which debuted on the sixth spot of Billboard 200 in October 2010, has had sales over forty-eight thousand copies. This is a horror thriller, musical comedy and classic science fiction  you have to watch at least once, so grab some cheap Rocky Horror Picture Show tickets and be there with your eyes wide open.

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