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The Princess Bride is a grippingly entertaining romantic comedy film based on the 1973 novel of the same name that is authored by the American novelist and screenwriter, William Goldman. The film has been directed and co-produced by the celebrated American actor, director, and producer, Rob Reiner. Reiner rose to nationwide prominence by playing a role on the famous American sitcom, All in the Family that has earned him two Emmy Awards during the 1970s. The Directors Guild of America has recognized his role as a director by nominating him for several productions including Stand by Me, When Harry Met Sally and A Few Good Men. Apart from the Princess Bride, the graduate of the UCLA Film School has also directed the thriller film, Misery and the rock music film, This Is Spinal Tap.

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The Princess Bride is an enormously entertaining film that provides a great magical mix of romance, fantasy, action and comedy to the movie goers of all ages. Based on William Goldman's novel, this is a witty and winsome fairy tale that has often been copied since its release but has never exactly reached the same effect. The film has peaked at number eighty eight on The American Film Institute's AFI's 100 Years...100 Passions list of the hundred greatest film love stories, number fifty on Bravo's Hundred Funniest Movies and number forty six on the list of Channel 4's Fifty Greatest Comedy Films. The film shows a grandfather reading the story to his sick grandson and this retains the narrative style of the novel.

The Princess Bride is one of the hottest family classic of the 1980s that is enjoyed by new generation of youngsters as well as their parents. You cannot pinpoint a single characteristic that rises above all others to make this romantic fable a spectacular film. It has a title that should look remarkably dull to the typical action adventure fan but even the most die-hard action adventure fans love to watch this film. Hence, it is important not to judge this film based on its flowery and girly name because it is filled with some wonderful adventure and even good killing and violence. You may now question as to whether the film is kind of romantic comedy and the answer is yes. The cover box of the film resembles a cheesy romance novel but overall, the film in itself is truly wonderful from beginning till the end. The directors and producers are aware of the superficial impression that the film leaves through Fred Savage's initial response to his grandfather but as the story progresses you would also have the same reaction as that of Fred. 

Robin Wright has given one of the best performances of her career as Princess Buttercup who is a beautiful blonde woman living in a misty romantic fantasy world. Cary Elwes has also wonderfully brought his character to life by playing the role of Westley who is Buttercup’s servant. Wallace Shawn is absolutely hilarious as Vizzini while Mandy Patinkin is one of the most entertaining and likeable characters in the film. Collectively, the entire cast has added wings to the film with their wonderful acting. However, the real essence of the film lies in its comic relief that provides non-stop entertainment to the audience from start to finish.

The Princess Bride is an absolutely wonderful film that is truly not to be missed, so get your hands on the Princess Bride tickets before it is too late. It is an interesting bedtime tale that will take you through the amazing roller coaster ride of adventure and romance. The smart and sly motion picture has got great pleasure to succeed as one of the better popcorn movies of its decade. You do not need to put strain on your pocket to watch the film because cheap Princess Bride tickets are also available.

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