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Get ready to head out to the beautiful outdoors of the Red Rocks, Colorado and enjoy the unique experience of enjoying concerts and movies at the 2013 edition of the ‘Film on the Rocks’. This year would mark the 30th screening anniversary of the action-packed thriller movie “Die Hard”. The screening of the movie would be preceded by exciting musical performances by numerous bands. This event is the perfect blend of music and movies at one of the most beautiful settings which the state of Colorado has to offer. Purchase your Die Hard tickets to attend the screening of this classic movie at one of the best outdoor entertainment venues of the country. Die Hard was released in 1988 and has a cult following. It featured the big guns of Hollywood including Bruce Willis in the lead role of a heroic police officer and Alan Rickman who performed the negative role, as the leader of a highly organized group of criminals. This movie has managed great success; it received four Academy Award nominations and was listed at 39th spot in American Film Associations list of ‘100 years…100 Thrills’. This elite list of movies includes 100 of American cinema’s most thrilling and heart pounding films ever made.

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About Film On The Rocks Die Hard

The venue for the screening of this movie couldn’t have been any better. Performances have been taking place at the natural stage of the Red Rocks for more than a century. During the 1900’s the influential American entrepreneur, John Brisben Walker became the first to envision artists performing on the acoustically-perfect stage of the Red Rocks. It was his dream to see the Red Rocks as a premier venue for entertainment. The earliest performance recorded at this venue dates back to 1906 when Pietro Satriano and his brass band performed at the perfect acoustic surroundings of the Amphitheatre stage. This event marked the official opening of this natural theatre. The Amphitheatre at the Red Rocks Park is not just a stunning place to see a movie or attend a concert; instead the park itself extends to an area of about 868 acres of prairie, deer, spectacular views and geological wonders of mother nature. The Amphitheatre stage at this park is a true natural phenomenon and many legendary artists have performed here including The Beatles, Sting and U2 among others. Every artist aspires to play at this spiritual and magical stage. The world-renowned opera singer, Mary Garden performed at this natural entertainment site in 1911 and proclaimed the Red Rocks as being the finest venue in which she had ever performed.
The Film on the Rocks summer schedule would follow 10 events during the summer among which are the screening of several cult-classic movies. The excitement begins at the evening as soon as the doors are opened; the bands start performing around 7pm and after a remarkable musical experience the audience settle down on the seats of the Amphitheatre to watch the movies at Dusk. Apart from Die Hard, other movies which are sure to entertain the audiences are “Risky Business”, “The Princess Bride”, “The Blues Brothers”, “Mean Girls”, “Point Break” and many others. At any other venue these movies might generate an average theatre experience for the ones in attendance but this is certainly not the case at the Red Rocks. Each movie is paired up with the preceding performance of an artist or a band and for Die Hard; ‘The Devil Whale’ band is selected. This four-piece ensemble is enjoying the success of their latest EP, “Teeth”. They have played in about hundred shows in more than 25 states and are all geared up to rock the Amphitheatre stage. To enjoy an affordable and exciting summer evening with your loved ones, get moving and buy your Die Hard tickets for a fantastic music-movie experience.

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