Rio Scala Carnival Ball Series Mangueira Ball Rio de Janeiro Tickets

New Year has brought with it many spectacular live events. Be it music concerts, comedy shows or theatrical, there is something for everybody. Currently an event that is getting a lot of coverage and has gotten the music lovers excited is the Rio Scala Carnival Ball. The excitement is such that people have already started buying their Rio Scala Carnival Ball Series Mangueira Ball tickets.

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About Rio Scala Carnival Ball Series Mangueira Ball Rio de Janeiro Tickets

For the last 39 years, the Scala has been hosting mega, theme based balls for the locals as well as the visitors. Continuing with the tradition, this time an even better event is being planned. Every year, the carnival gains even more popularity amongst thousands of attendees out there. The crowd turnover has been increasing for the past many years. The carnival in itself is a mega event and with the addition of the Mangueira Ball, the show gets even bigger and better each time around. Mangueira Ball features some of the finest dancers of the Mangueira Samba School that was established back in the 1920s. The upcoming ball is dedicated to Mangueira, which is by far the oldest samba school of Rio de Janeiro. The talented dancers get to display their unique talents in front of a live audience wearing incredible costumes. The samba dance troupe consists of numerous talented drummers who play catchy samba beats. Additionally, the troupe is accompanied by a number of brilliant dancers who will show the audience the best time that they’ve ever had. This is just one portion of the mega event. The Rio Scala Carnival Ball Series has got a lot more to offer. Come experience the ultimate entertainment by getting your cheap Rio Scala Carnival Ball Series Mangueira Ball tickets.
Apart from getting to see authentic samba routines, you can also get to try your own dance moves on the Scala dance floor. How awesome is that! This event is an ideal one to come with your friends or loved ones. You get to see dancing and will be able to dance yourself, so enjoy the evening to the fullest. The best thing about the Scala Carnival Ball is that it is not a one-day event. It goes on for days, which means that you can catch up with any one of the shows and experience the same level of entertainment every time you attend the event. The Scala night-club will be having thematic balls every night starting from February 2013. Attending at least one of these events is a must, especially for those who are looking for endless fun. The event provides the attendees with a party-like atmosphere, where entertainment is guaranteed. Secure your Rio Scala Carnival Ball Series Mangueira Ball tickets before they run out.
The Rio Carnival features the Mangueira Samba School almost each year and the event has become a guaranteed success. Who wouldn’t want to see talented percussionists and vivacious samba dancers delivering an exhilarating samba performance in a live setting! This event always receives a standing ovation as claimed by many people who’ve attended the previous shows. You do not just get to see the performances; you also get to learn amazing samba moves from some of the masters of the Mangeuira Samba School. The dress code for the samba performers is green and pink so it would be fun for all if you also follow the same dress code. Other than that, the event is offering you with a variety of seats according to your budget. VIP box seats are also available that offer food and drinks as well. If you need cheaper ones then you can also get standing tickets or book a table for four. You can go to the dance floor and see the samba performers and roam around the area as much as you want. No one is required to be seated so get your Rio Scala Carnival Ball Series Mangueira Ball tickets right away to move your feet to the samba beat. It will truly be a memorable experience that you’ll want to have again and again for years to come.