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The Rio Scala Carnival Ball is a popular Samba parade that is now known all over the world. When talking of Brazil or Rio, one thinks of feathers, festivals and celebration. This carnival is an embodiment of all the values and images that are typical of Rio. The best aspect of this event is that anyone can be a part of the parade, be it locals or tourists. It is a full scale party and is bound to be an unforgettable experience for anyone who attends it. It is a popular event, so Rio Scala Carnival Ball Series Beer Ball tickets are expected to run out soon enough—make sure you have them on time!

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About Rio Scala Carnival Ball Series Beer Ball Rio de Janeiro Tickets

The highlight of the carnival is no doubt going to be the Samba parade, which will consist of a display of the city’s top samba schools. The costumes, the colors and the sheer celebration aspect of it all, combined with the technical element of the dance is bound to attract people—even those who have never heard of the festival before. Each year, it manages to make itself known to newer audiences, all of which gather to see what the carnival is all about. Once you enter the party, you would have a number of parades to choose from, each being held on a separate day. However, if you are an outsider and wish to have the complete Rio experience, then buy Rio Scala Carnival Ball Series Beer Ball tickets for all four days.
The first day is when then samba schools perform their pieces. This is perhaps what people associate the carnival with the most; the part of the show that defines the entire event. This parade is what has marked Rio as the “Carnival Capital of the World”. It is also the foremost tourist attraction and is often shown in movies and other television shows that depict Rio. Thus if there is one event which you must absolutely not miss, it is this one. The parade consists of well trained samba dancers busting out the very best of what they do. For many students, performing at the Scala is the pinnacle of their academic careers. It is something they train for the entire school year. Everything, from their choreography, to their costumes, to their transitions is planned and rehearsed months before the actual day, so there is absolutely no place for mistakes. Out of the 12 popular samba schools in the country, six perform on the first day and the rest on the next day. The list of the songs that the students would be performing to is also released before hand. The soundtrack is bought by everyone who attends the carnival, often being sold in stalls as souvenirs. The carnival is an event one would not like to forget anytime soon, and so the souvenir markets in Rio benefit greatly from this event. The second day consists of the Champions Parade, which means the best performers of all the schools combine for a special performance. Incredible fireworks often form the backdrop of their splendid routines.
The rehearsals for the samba schools are very strict and leave no room for errors on the final day. They often leave their practice halls open for everyone so they too can see what they have to expect in the coming days. Their practice sessions begin in November. These rehearsals are an event of their own as each night, as the performers rehearse, the dance hall become somewhat of a night club where there is live music and professional dancers to guide the others with the routine. This helps the students to get in with the carnival aspect of their final day performance and makes them comfortable around an audience. Most importantly, they learn how to have a good time even amidst the difficulty of their choreography and the chaos of crowds around them. For audiences, these practice sessions often become the venue to have a good night out, one where they could get in with the festival fever and become affiliated with the music that the carnival would play later on.
If you are new to the Rio experience, then this Carnival is something you must attend. People from around the world flock in to be part of it. Around this time, cheap Rio Scala Carnival Ball Series Beer Ball tickets can also be found. But it is sure to become an experience that you would remember for the rest of your life.