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One of the highlights of the Rio de Janeiro Carnival is the extravagant Magic Ball night that lures famous athletes, captains, socialites, celebrities and politicians from around the world. The peppy party goers eagerly join the elite of Rio in the spirit of fun and entertainment. The past Balls have attracted great personalities like Gerald Butler and Paris Hilton to the grand evening. After having such high profile personalities on board, everyone is ready to grab Magic Ball tickets to mix and mingle with the international and local elites of the town. Plant your footsteps in Rio and soon you will discover a city full of life especially during the Rio Carnival at the Copacabana Palace.  The city offers a diverse range of carnival balls to choose from. No dress code needs to be followed for most of these balls with the exception of a few which includes the Magic Ball. In this ball, men are required to dress formally in a black suit and a tie while women are expected to wear a gala dress. However, to experience the real essence of the occasion, women must go for a luxury costume.

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Each year the Copacabana Palace is draped in a different theme inside out that transforms the entire hotel into a magical wonderland. Some of the previous themes include rainforest, little leopards, butterflies and crystals. The Butterfly Magic Ball theme had adorned the entire hotel with diverse butterfly species of different colors and sizes. The themes basically allow the guests to unveil their creativity in the choice of their costumes. Even the two hundred and forty five rooms of the palace are adorned with the Ball’s mystical theme to penetrate fun and excitement everywhere. A magnificent buffet dinner is prepared by the most experienced chefs of the hotel. The executive chef, Francesco Carli of the Copacabana Palace has signed the deal many times to prepare gourmet buffet for the event which includes the starters, main dishes, drinks and desserts. The legendary Brazilian party is the natural choice of the rich and famous as it combines sophistication, opulence and prestige all under one roof. It is a ton of a fun to watch people cheering, clapping, dancing and taking non-stop photographs.

The party lovers dance to the intoxicating South American samba beats in their flamboyantly dazzling costumes. The grand Magic Ball event night is charged with the glitz and glamour as the prestigious guests are dressed at their best.  The media and press photographers capture the pictures of celebrities attired in their extravagant costumes. From time to time, the entertainers excite and entice the guests while the music bands make sure that the guests continue to tap their feet on the dance floors. The magical music performance of the drummers and dancers of Samba School simply binds the guests to their souls. Copacabana Palace has been designed by a French architect, Joseph Gire and the structure was erected in 1923. In February 1924, the hotel opened the gateway to its first Carnival Ball. The night club culture began to take roots in Brazil and has further evolved since then. Some of the memorable participants of the ball include Ginger Rogers, Orson Welles, Joan Fontaine, Mary Pickford and the list goes on.

The Rio Carnival Ball traces its origin from the Venetian ballets of Italy. The Italian ambassador’s wife, Clara Delmastro arranged the first carnival ball in 1840 that turned out to be a smashing hit. With the success of this Italian ballet followed the whole new thread of ballets that are organized around the world during the Carnival season. You do not necessarily need to book the tables at the Magic Ball; inexpensive standing tickets are also available for all those who plan to spend most of the night on the dance floor so you can secure your share of cheap Magic Ball tickets anytime.