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Millions of spectators flock to witness the Fiesta Flambeau Night Parade San Antonio. There is incredible feasting followed by frolicking at the Fiesta which is considered to be one of the best parades in the United States of America. You can now be a part of the exciting celebrations of this amazing parade by booking your Fiesta Flambeau Night Parade San Antonio tickets and witness one of the most memorable live entertaining events ever. Flambeau is a word derived from French which means a burning torch or a tall candlestick. Those who take part in the parade have used the candlestick as well as the torch to light up the event that looks as though millions of stars are illuminated in the crowd. The sight is absolutely breathtaking.

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Fiesta Flambeau Night Parade San Antonio, a lighted parade, was the brilliant brainchild Reynolds Andricks who was a civil engineer by profession. Although Andricks insisted that he knew little about parades, in 1948 he was included in the Board of the Fiesta San Jacinto Association. He later recalled his first meeting to be totally astounding as it came as a surprise to him to discover that so many people were interested in Fiesta. Later on his recommendation, a fresh parade was organized to be held at night and known as Fiesta Flambeau that takes place in San Antonio today.
The idea of hosting a night parade was not totally new. Andricks has stated that he had thoroughly enjoyed other night parades such as the famous Mardi Gras festivities that took place in New Orleans.  Nevertheless, he firmly believed in the notion of creating a flamboyant parade in San Antonio. William Petmecky belonging to the Fredericksburg German community was brought on board to help with the formation of this new parade. Petmecky was a tax assessor and then a postmaster for the Gillespie County. In about 50 years, Petmecky spent his free time at the county fairs. Soon enough he started the popular Easter Fires Pageant held in Fredericksburg. He wrote the script as well as the pamphlet that described the story. He was nicknamed as ‘Festivallmpresario’. At this time, Andricks was diligently forming the Fiesta Flambeau and Petmecky had spawned a great repute as being the originator of folk festivals. When Petmecky was approached to help make the premier illuminated night parade, he was simply ecstatic.
Together Petmecky and Andricks thought the most efficient manner to light the Fiesta Flambeau Night Parade San Antonio course was to torch the brigades. Each brigade comprises of four men who carry flares that are similar to those the warning devices used by police. These flares can be seen attached to poles five feet high. The units of the torches march between intervals of the ten parade entries, lighting the night away as they march on. The bands seen at the parade, fix flashlights to their music stand. There are beautiful floats at the Fiesta Flambeau in different designs and fashions that give way to more than a thousand points of various lights to be flashed onto the San Antonio sky. 
April 2013 will mark the 65th anniversary of the Fiesta Flambeau Night Parade San Antonio and is going to be bigger than the ones seen before. Once more the gorgeous city of San Antonio will come to glittering light life as the largest illuminated parade in the country marches on. The parade will be seen streaming its way through the attractive streets of the city and delight more than 600,000 viewers. Join the parade by getting your cheap Fiesta Flambeau Night Parade San Antonio tickets to rejoice in the most happening event by the acclaimed parade. Without a doubt your experience at this event will be enriching. The event will leave you with some of the fondest memories of excitement that you will treasure for a long time to come. 

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