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Just when you feel bored of the normal routine, similar events, monotonous life, Burning Man offers you something entirely different! Burning Man event is organized every year at the Black Rock Desert that is situated in Nevada, USA and continues for about a week. The dates are set so that it starts a Monday before the American Labor Day and the last day coincides with the Labor Day holiday. Black Rock City LLC has the responsibility to organize the event. The name Burning Man comes from the tradition to burn an effigy made of wood in this event.

About Burning Man

The history of this event dates back to around mid 1980s when some Americans named Jerry James, Larry Harvey and others burnt an effigy of a man about 9 feet tall as well as that of a dog at Baker Beach, San Francisco. They were having a bonfire on the beach, and the event was organized to mark the specific astronomical position of sun, moon and the earth called the Solstice. By that time it had become a ritual to hold bonfire gatherings over the beach on Solstice, and after Harvey’s burning the effigy that night, somehow people started following the same every year, and it became a ritual to make a tall effigy and set it on fire at the beach at solstice night. Nevertheless, Harvey himself agrees to the fact that bonfire on solstice night at Baker Beach used to be celebrated by his friend named Mary Grauberger who was a sculptor by profession, and when he stopped organizing it regularly, Harvey took over the tradition and continued it. The effigy that Harvey used to burn was significantly smaller though, about 9 feet, that became larger as the years passed, growing to about 15 feet in 1987. A huge increase in its size was seen in 1988, when the effigy sized over 40 feet, approximately 12 meters.

As the event grew, the prospects also became bigger, and by 1990 it was transformed to a public event by John Law and Kevin Evans, who were also engaged in formation of Cacophony Society. They decided to organize a function for this ritual, and venue selected was the Black Rock Desert Lake, an abandoned area where not much of people would come. Nevertheless, the ritual was interrupted by the police as the organizers did not have a permit to burn the effigy. Kevin and John had to bring the effigy back to the place where it was constructed, and dismantled it, and after some reconfiguration and reconstruction it was brought again for the ritual. The effigy was not burnt that year.
After some more people joined the community founded by Kevin Evans with the name of Cacophony Society, another Cacophonist named Michael Mikel took up the name Danger Ranger for himself, and began working as a guide for those people who wanted to inhabit Black Rock Desert Lake, fearing they might not find their way and face the danger of hunger and death that the desert poses. As more and more people joined in, the community was made where everyone had the right to experience what they like, coupled with artistic performances among the small community that was being made. The Bureau of Land Management officially allowed the organizers to hold the event of Burning Man in 1991, and its name was finally licensed in 1996.

By 1997 the Black Rock City LLC was formed that later on had the rights to organize the event annually. Some rules were also set up for the area under their jurisdiction, including abstinence from carrying weapons and driving bigger vehicles, and a low speed limit for driving art cars. The current event has grown huge as compared to what it was at the time of conception, and the management has a greater deal of responsibility owing to the ever increasing number of attendees.

The concept behind this whole event is the phenomenon of self expression in ways other than normally practiced in the society. Participants are encouraged to make pieces of art, and then burn them publically, as it is believed to be one of the great ways of expressing human emotions and feelings. Although some of the norms for this event are debatable and unacceptable by a vast majority of people, including the event being ‘clothing optional’ and burning the whole artwork, the uniqueness of this event makes Burning Man Tickets a great way for anyone to have a good time!

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