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Vive le Cirque Reno show is a grand scale performance in Reno featuring some of the most recognized cirque artists including daredevils, hand balancers, contortionists, aerialists, gymnasts and acrobats. The show portrays through the various bodily stunts and mind boggling movements, the rather surreal journey in the mind of a traveler who is lost and finds himself crashed into a theater. He wanders about for a while until a channel in his imagination is opened to another realm, which in turn takes the audience to some of the most thrilling spectacles yet staged. Vive le Cirque Reno tickets will serve a real treat to circus fans looking to experience something new. Buy Vive le Cirque Reno tickets and be there to enjoy the show.

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About Viva Le Cirque Reno Tickets

Viva le Cirque has been created by a strong team including director/producer Fernando Queveda who is known to have produced stage shows like Beats of Passion, Idols and Legends, Le Dinner Cabaret, ZzyZyx and Holiday Dreams. The show includes choreographer Bille Janisse who has worked with the likes of Michigan Ballet Theater, Royal Caribbean International Productions, GI Alliance Dancers, Joel Hall II and The Joel Hall Dancers, among several others. The creative team has put together a fascinating show with a cast of eleven characters all playing the diverse roles of Helio, Doria, The Dream Master, Catcher, Dalia, Tuco, Gaucho, Luna, Xenia, Verio and Xylos. Hurry up and get hold of some cheap Vive le Cirque Reno tickets to experience a mind-blowing performance.