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Universoul Circus Memphis Tickets

UniverSoul Circus has been ruling the hearts of fans for the past three decades. Over the years it has garnered a huge fan following in different parts of the country. Some of its shows have been praised by entertainment critics. The circus is a touring show that regularly performs not just in different cities of the US but also abroad. It features seasoned performers from different parts of the world. Watch this circus in Memphis by buying UniverSoul Circus Memphis tickets.

About Universoul Circus Memphis Tickets


UniverSoul Circus is the brainchild of Cedric Walker. He founded this single ring circus in 1994 with the aim of expanding its audience. The circus is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Initially the show performed in ten cities but by 2005 it was performing in as much as 32 cities. The circus can be easily recognized from its signature BIG Blue Yellow Star Tent. It features twelve different type of acts with 75 performers. Some of these include The Olate Dogs, Men of Steel. Wuhan Flying Trapeze, Globe of Death and Soul Illusion.


UniverSoul Circus is scheduled to hold shows in a number of cities in the coming weeks. These cities include Detroit, Milwaukee, Houston and Dallas. In this leg of the tour it will also be performing at the Hickory Ridge Mall in Memphis, Tennessee. Wait no more in getting your UniverSoul Circus Memphis tickets.


UniverSoul Circus was founded in 1994 by Cedric Walker, a person with a vision that went beyond others. Cedric Walker longed to present something more than just singing and dancing. He believed that there is a lot more talent in the world than that already explored. He wanted to venture deeper into the cultures and discover new possibilities. Thus, UniverSoul Circus was created.
The journey that started off with devoted research in libraries and the very first show that lost every penny, today is among the top ten "most wanted family events" It is rated among the top 3 American circuses, along with "Cirque Du Soleil" and "Barnum and Bailey"
Today, UniverSoul Circus is a blend of theatre, cinema and circus arts. The circus was founded in Atlanta, but now it is going to perform over 500 shows in major markets. Although the start wasn’t financially encouraging, but once started; there was no going back, mainly because the idea was a great success. It was also nominated in Emmy Awards on HBO in 1998. In 18 years of its life, the circus has made a great success, people anticipate for UniverSoul Circus to aboard their town.
UniverSoul Circus is going to tour 32 cities in 2011. If you wish to witness the magic live, get your UniverSoul Circus Memphis Tickets now! You and your family must not miss all the circus fun there is going to be!

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Q:Can I buy circus memphis 2017 tickets from the venue?

A:Yes, you can buy Universoul Circus Memphis Tickets directly from the designated counters at the arena itself if that is convenient for you.

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A:That will not happen but just in case it does then we will provide you with new Universoul Circus Memphis Tickets free of cost.

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A:Yes, you can collect your Universoul Circus Memphis Tickets directly from the designated counters at the arena itself if that is convenient for you.