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Animal shows, soaring aerial acrobatics, exciting dance and stilt-walking performances are some of the features of Universoul Circus. The group has been entertaining masses for almost two decades with their amazing shows. With the aim to please the spectators while maintaining animal and human safety, Universoul has become a reliable name in the entertainment business. They have been touring from coast to coast and this time in particular they are coming to Dallas. Buy Universoul Circus Dallas tickets to have a good time with your family and friends.

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About Universoul Circus Dallas Tickets

The circus was started in 1994 by Cedric Walker. Walker’s deep interest and fascination with the circus shows led him to create his own after he researched and travelled to find out its possibilities and limitations. The group’s mission to entertain a diverse audience has resulted in their success over the passage of time. Currently, the circus consists of twelve different acts that are performed by 75 trained professionals. The circus has been developing consistently in terms of the quality of acts and the number of cities toured. In 2001, the circus completed its first international tour to South Africa. This further expanded the horizon of its popularity.
What sets Universoul Circus apart from the rest of the players of the business is its vast variety of healthy animals and unique group of performers. Their art form has been quite popular with families and that’s why they have been taking their tents to different cities throughout the country. Book your cheap Universoul Circus Dallas tickets beforehand.

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