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Earlier on we got see circuses where there were tamed lions and ringmasters along with fire eaters coming one after the other and putting up a show of individual acts. However as the nineteenth century approached we were introduced to the nouveau cirque movement.

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According to this movement a circus was no longer restricted to a string of acts it now had to have a theme at least if not a proper storyline. One such circus that offers it all to its audiences is The Shrine Circus. Founded by the United States at the crack of the twentieth century the show has come a long way touring more than one hundred and twenty cities in the US on an annual basis. It also tours around forty cities in Canada where the circus is anticipated with much fervor and ardor.  As it now comes to Pittsburgh make sure to book your Shrine Circus Pittsburgh tickets from us now!Affiliated with the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, a.k.a Shriners the show is must for all age groups. Book your Shrine Circus Pittsburgh tickets right away and witness some of the finest aerial acrobats, crazy clowns and enormous gigantic elephants all awaiting your arrival at this larger than life circus. Click on your deals and find out what awaits you at this circus grandeur. A favorite among all age groups tickets to this family entertainment vanish in thin air so be quick in your moves!