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The merger of two circus companies in 1919 formed the ‘Ringling Bros and Barnum Bailey Circus’ which is now billed as the Greatest Show on Earth. The company has several shows and features a range of stunts and acts, but common to all shows is the element of wonder and surprise for the audiences. Strength and agility of the performers is exhibited along with spectacular presentation by animals including elephants and tigers. The circus promises to be a breathtaking experience for children and adults alike. Get your Ringling Bros and Barnum Bailey Circus Indianapolis tickets and get ready to have fun.

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The circus performers for the shows are brought together from all across the globe. The astonishing aerialists and awe-inspiring acrobats display their athleticism and bravery. The circus company keeps two train-based shows, called the Blue Tour and the Red Tour. In 2003, they added another Gold Tour which is truck based. This Gold show is a scaled down, smaller version of the other tours and has a single ring. It is designed for the smaller markets whereas the Train Tours are performed in at least three rings in huge venues like sports stadiums all across the world.


The Ringling Bros and Barnum Bailey Circus has introduced another attractive feature to its performances this season. The ‘All-Access Pre-Show’ allows you to feel the actual experience of circus. You will be able to meet the performers, get their photographs, try on the costumes and learn acrobatic skills. Get your Ringling Bros and Barnum Indianapolis tickets today so you do not miss out on a remarkable experience.

Humans have always been dazzled by the mythical majestic splendor of Dragons. However, what they don't realize is that Dragon symbolism harbors centuries of tyranny and oppression of the people at the hands of the royal political elite, whether that be of Orient or the Occident. Avail some Bailey Circus Indianapolis tickets to witness magnificent members of the animal kingdom in a much touted performance.
What started out as a travelling circus spectacle by the famous ringmaster and entertainer P.T. Barnum more than a century ago has become business now under the management of Feld Entertainment. In the first half of the 20th century, the Bailey circus had merged with the Ringling Brothers Circus to constitute a hub of circus activity. However, it was only when this family-run enterprise ran into financial trouble that Irvin Feld bailed the fledgling circus and converted into a profitable venture.
The Bailey Circus Indianapolis event will unleash the mockingly menacing might of the show Dragons that pits together Shaolin Kung Fu warriors, against the contained might of the Asian Elephants, the speed and agility of the raging Cossack riders against the high-wire antics of the motorcycle gang.
The patrons of the Bailey Circus Indianapolis event will be amazed by the famed ferocity of the Bengal tigers that have undergone hours of rigorous training to amaze their audiences. So latch onto some Bailey Circus Indianapolis tickets to be taken for a ride aloft the hypnotic wings of caged entertainment and be enthralled by the acrobatics executed in clockwork precision.

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