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The Golden Dragon Acrobats will be presenting the best of their tradition that started over twenty-five centuries back.  The Golden Dragons are known in and out of the country as the opening Chinese Acrobatic Touring Company. The production was taken to Broadway in 2005 and managed a sold-out show at the New Victory Theater, which is the ultimate stage for families and kids. The show ran for six weeks and was a huge success receiving audience’s standing ovations and garnered two New York Drama Desk nominations. The show marked its twenty ninth year of constant touring in the year 2007 and 08. The company had been to all the fifty states of the country and also visited more than sixty five countries.  The current members of the company hailing from Hebei, China, are well trained and highly talented. These participants have performed in forty eight lower states of U.S.A. during the past few years to sold out crowds. The Golden Dragons is now the only Chinese acrobatic company visiting year-round in America. As the show comes near you this year, grab your Golden Dragon Chinese Acrobats tickets. Come experience culture and art in this new show soon to take place.

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About Golden Dragon Chinese Acrobats

Chang Lien Chi founded the Golden Dragon Acrobats. In 1949, acrobatic performers were brought for the Taiwan audiences from Wu Qiao China. Bill Fegan has been managing the Golden Dragon Acrobats since 1985 and is a former coach at the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation at Princeton New Jersey.  In the past years, each member of the Golden Dragons has received awards at the China National Acrobatic Competition, Henan Regional Acrobatic Competition, the Italian National Acrobatic Competition, the National Teen Acrobatic Competition, Presidents Award at the International Acrobatic Competition and the International Young Adult Acrobatic Competition in Japan. The production has also performed at private and corporate events, and also had the privilege to take the stage in front of President Bill Clinton. The Golden Dragon Acrobats earned exceptional reviews in 1990s for their consecutive three years European Tour. Today, the company is seen as the finest Chinese acrobatic company in America.
Important past arrangements in the Southeast consist of the Koger Center for the Arts (Columbia, SC), Robert W. Woodruff Arts Center (Atlanta, GA), Martin Luther King, Jr. Performing Arts Center (Charlottesville, VA), Broward Center for the Arts (Fort Lauderdale, FL) and many more.  As the producer and director, Danny Chang has maintained a solid repute based on his skills as both an artistic director and acrobatic performer. The Golden Dragon Acrobats Company presents more than two hundred performances every year at ten to two venues all over the United States. The Golden Dragon Acrobats has alienated itself from many of the Chinese acrobatic companies going around the United States by highlighting their cultural exchange and artistic merit.
Due to great public demand, the Golden Dragon Acrobats updated itself in 1998, created Asian Artists Production, Inc. abbreviated as AAPI.  In the coming ten years, AAPI continuously produced the Golden Dragon Acrobats also creating other events for unlike markets. Few of these productions consisted of Circo Magnifico, the Amazing Chinese Acrobats, Dream and Pagoda, Cirque D’or along with others.
The participants are highly talented and include Danny, who started his career as an acrobat when he was seven. He was given personal training from his father and later joined Chang’s Acrobatic Troupe to perform across Taiwan. As an exceptional performer, in 1967 he was chosen as a part of the National Acrobats Troupe of Republic of China. Since then, he has been honored to perform in several countries each year. To watch the acrobatic performance that will stun you and leave you spell bound, cheap Golden Dragon Chinese Acrobats tickets are available. Hurry and get yours now before it’s too late!

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