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Golden Dragon Acrobats Cirque Ziva Tickets Tickets

The spectacular sight of young flexible bodies jumping through the rings, maintaining equilibrium while balancing themselves on each other is not easy to forget and hard to miss. This and a lot more happens at Cirque Ziva which is a lot more than just an acrobatic show. Under the flagship of the Asian artists, The Golden Dragon Acrobats, this family entertainment show is a huge success through out the world and has been in due demand all across America. Cirque Ziva has the motive to entertain, provide uniqueness in acrobatic acts and to keep the audiences in suspense thus making them spellbound.

About Golden Dragon Acrobats Cirque Ziva Tickets

The Golden Dragon has been organizing touring acrobatic shows all over the world for the past thirty years. With the origin from Hebel, China, majority of the acrobats range from 17 to 22 years of age. These flawless performances are the result of nothing more than endless practice which longs for years. Dragon Lei Zhang of South Beijing has been associated with Cirque Ziva for years and he claims that it is not by chance rather it is a complete system through which each acrobat goes through. For six years they are trained in the school for dance, music, acrobat, handstand and other juggling tricks. The training may be expanded for ten years depending upon the excellence achieved by the acrobat but there are still some unfortunate ones who become unsuccessful in performing at a show. The coaches direct the acrobats which area of performance suits them and how they can create the mesmerizing and praiseworthy shows around the globe.
Cirque Ziva gives the spectacular view of spinning plates on the heads and sticks of the acrobats who jump, balance and climb on a single hand from the height of 20 feet or even more. Thus it is all about balance and presence of mind. The Dragons jump through the hoops and the acrobats use each other as jumping rope is a sight worth noticing. The spectators are stuck with awe and excitement as it is truly a sight of immense amazement. The Golden Dragons has performed in more than 65 countries and all the 50 states thus developing a firm platform of commitment and excellence in the field of acrobatic shows. The minute details given to the performances surely display the interest of the organizers in making it so popular and an unparalleled form of art. The performances have been so spectacular and unparalleled that Drama Desk Awards have been awarded to some notable performers like Danny Chang for Most Unique Theatrical Experience and Angela Chang for Best Choreography. The performers present the show with such artistic precision that it becomes hard to point out any flaw.
Cirque Ziva has performed at a number of places including McCarter Theatre, New Jersey Performing Arts Center and the list is an unending one. Avail this opportunity and grab Cirque Ziva Tickets now to experience the acrobatic performances at their best. 

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