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Get set for an awe inspiring spectacle that will leave your mouths hanging with wonder! Cirque Shanghai is now ready to tumble into the Navy Pier Pepsi Skyline stage in Chicago once again this summer to give a show full of death defying acts. The show is a delight to watch for people of all age groups, as it features amazing performers who are masters in acts of balancing, juggling, tumbling and much more. An all new, mind blowing show is gearing up to be performed for the audience this year, with double the excitement, thrill and entertainment. Fans are already on the lookout for its tickets, so unless you want to miss all the action, get your tickets from us as soon as possible.

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An amazing line up of acts is ready to be shown to you at this year's Cirque Shanghai, including the Floating Cube aerial act that will feature a cube five feet in height, hanging down on top of the stage with performers giving dazzling balancing acts, a woman trapeze, the new Shaolin Kung Fu sword fight act, motorcyclists riding their motorcycles on a thin wire on top of the audience and much more as well! Audiences will be sure to gasp out loud at these incredible stunts waiting to be pulled at the latest season of the Cirque Shanghai. Daredevil artists from China will be daring to to perform on the biggest steel globes of the circus, making the audience slide to the edges of their seats in anticipation.
Within the first few minutes of the Cirque Shanghai, you will be see performers parading through the audience, plummeting from the top, gliding through the air and much more! Almost two dozen artists get together to give you a show loaded with the kind of entertainment that you will never forget. The show is presented in conjunction with the International Special Attractions ltd and hosted by the amazing fifteen hundred seat, open air, canopied theater at Navy Pier. The beginning and ending of the show is presented with a splendid procession wearing oriental clothes that create an astonishing allusion. The acts they perform seem to be defying all laws of logic, gravity and death as they show stunt after mystifying stunt.
The Cirque Shanghai is sure to amaze you with memorable performances and extraordinary feats. The show will begin on the 5th of September, 2011 and will no doubt be performing to packed audiences. Imperial Thunder is one of the most popular acts of the show, which features a motorcyclist looping upside down and sideways inside a large metal ball. Not only this, but more acts are waiting for you, so grab your Cirque Shanghai tickets from us right away and prepare to be dazzled!

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