Cirque Dreams Winter Wonderland Tickets

Cirque Dreams Winter Wonderland is expected to draw an astonishingly large crowd as every Cirque production surpasses its level of creativity and competence. Ranging from highly acclaimed aerialists, contortionists, acrobats, musicians and jugglers, the upcoming event is sure to sweep you off your feet. Speaking of the growing stature of this American circus company, it is one of the few that captivates everyone who walks into the show regardless of age. The expansive set designs, the elaborate costumes, and a string of European circus-style performances are just the tip of the ice-berg as every show is equivalent of watching a Broadway performance. It is no wonder the company has come up with productions for Busch Gardens, Six Flags, ABC, NBC, CBS and Miss Universe. Centered on the Christmas theme, the next show will be nothing less than a gala affair. To find out more buy Cirque Dreams Winter Wonderland tickets.

Buy Cirque Dreams Winter Wonderland Tickets

About Cirque Dreams Winter Wonderland

Cirque Dreams Winter Wonderland will take the concept of a circus show to another level featuring Christmas carols, Christmas tree ornaments, and hence celebrating Christmas to the fullest. It is due to the larger-than-life quality of shows like this that have helped Cirque Dreams garner considerable attention. The company has come up with many successful productions in the past namely Cirque Dreams Splashtastic, Cirque Dreams & Dinner, Cirque Dreams Coobrila, Cirque Dreams Holidaze, Cirque Dreams Illumination, Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy, Cirque Dreams World Tour, Cirque Dreams Rocks, Cirque Dreams Kidstime, and Cirque Dreams Broadway, all of them amassing positive reviews from the critics. New York Daily News praised one of the shows in these words “there have only been a handful of shows that have generated an exclamation point as assertive as the ones created and directed by Neil Goldberg”. Another factor that sets Cirque Dreams apart is that every show aims at fulfilling different goals.
Take Cirque Dreams Kidstime into consideration. This particular production is not only a source of entertainment for the kids but acts as a meaningful outlet enabling children to learn. Kids indulge in the creative yet educational programs such as Jingle Juggling, Fast Step, and Explorabotics. This endeavor has been described as “breathtaking and hold-your-breath exciting” and “a flawless exhibition of top-notch athleticism…the perfect family performance” by Macaroni Kid and respectively. On the contrary, Cirque Dreams Rocks is more like a Broadway musical bringing into the picture a variety of acts while leaning more towards live music. Some of the songs featured in this show are Right Round, Rapper’s Delight, I Love the Nightlife, The Heat is On, etc., consequently proving to be another hit. Positively Pittsburgh referred to it as “simply incredible…non-stop singing, dancing, music, lasers and acrobatics” whereas Style & Wisdom lauded its level of energy and the presence of live bands. Likewise Cirque Dreams Illumination is another production that never fails to leave a lasting impression. The artists illuminate objects, the performers display their skills through different acts but it is the special effects that make the show what it is.
Cirque Dreams is no new name to the circus fans as the company has been entertaining since 1993 hitting theaters, casinos, and theme parks worldwide, making its presence known at high profile events as well. Having its roots in Pompano Beach, Florida, the company was founded by Neil Goldberg who also serves as its artistic director. His efforts and the company’s increasing mass appeal has always been the subject of critics’ interest including USA Today, The New York Times, The Associated Press, Fox & Friends, Today Show and CNN. Dream Studios occupies an area of 25, 000 square feet. It is not just any other production company as it serves as an institute where artists from every corner of the world are welcomed with open arms to brush up their skills. These artists learn and grow under Neil Goldberg’s direction accompanied by his team of coaches, musicians, and designers. Dream studio takes pride in the fact that today it has produced fifteen shows, 20 scores, a vast array of stage sets, innumerable acts and ten thousand award-winning costumes. Buy cheap Cirque Dreams Winter Wonderland tickets and get ready to be thoroughly entertained by an ensemble of performers that epitomize brilliance.

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