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Out of all the Cirque du Soleil performances active today, Cavalia remains in a class of its own. Truly magnificent in every sense of the word, Cavalia’s use of splendid horses is not only inspiring but also a sight to behold. Norman Latourelle, one of the pioneers of Cirque du Soleil, is the creative force behind this powerful production. Latourelle successfully presents the eternal relationship between man and horse through beautiful music, stunning visual effects and spectacular acrobats. It is the celebration of man – equine’s historic relationship that sits at the core of this whole production. Cavalia Seattle tickets holders will be treated to an impressive cast of thoroughbreds with one of the most talented lineup of human performers ever to grace the stage.

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Horses and performers execute their routine in perfect synchronization which is not only aesthetically pleasing but inspirational as well. The act takes the audience on a journey through time demonstrating the history of friendship between these two marvels of nature. Although there is no dialogue, the music blends in beautifully into the atmosphere. Cavalia is performed in one of the largest tents in North America, where the spectators get a panoramic view of the whole act. Anyone with cheap Cavalia Seattle tickets should not worry as there isn’t a bad seat in the theater. A Cavalia performance is a must for animal lovers of all ages and for anyone who has not yet witnessed these majestic creatures in all their glory.

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