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Cavalia is a performing arts company based in Montreal, Canada that exhibits large-scale arts and equestrian productions. It unifies innovation and expertise with technology, special effects and multimedia along with acrobatics and equestrian performances. The Cavalia is renowned for orchestrating acts such as Vaulting, unbridled displays, Pas De Deux, Haute Ecole and Trick Riding.

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Exciting news for all Cavalia fans is that the company is bringing its first original production of the “Magical Encounter between Human and Horse” to the charming city San Diego. Since its inception in 2003, this production has surpassed over 3 million viewers across the whole of Europe and North America in a span of around 1800 performances. Be sure to purchase your Cavalia San Diego tickets as the most entrancing experience comes to town.
In 2009, the Canadian Government in an attempt to highlight the country’s own performing arts granted a loan of almost 4 million Dollars to Cavalia. This grant has enabled the ensemble to build up new productions and construct a sumptuous horse-training facility. The leading man behind the creation and direction of the lavish production is Normand Latourelle.
The show revolves around exploring altering relationships between human beings and horses throughout the course of history, alongside various acrobatic and equestrian acts. The production consists of around 120 permanent employees, which include a total of 5 stage musicians and 45 artists alongside 50 horses that light up the arenas as soon as they appear on stage. Watch the bond between horses and human unfold with your share of cheap Cavalia tickets.

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