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The Canadian based company Cavalia entertains people worldwide with its spectacular live shows. The extravagant orchestration combines the equestrian and performing arts. The audiences are taken back into the history when the relationship between the humans and horses first developed. The show includes spectacular performances by various dancers, acrobats, aerialists as well as musicians, who all share the stage with the most beautiful creatures, horses. The event uses its custom made paraphernalia and remains in one area for weeks. The team is on a worldwide tour, so be prepared and don't miss Cavalia Denver show. It'll truly be a magical experience.

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Following the success of Cirque du Soleil, Cavalia is a circus themed event that is rapidly gaining popularity all over America. The show features some of the best and most well-bred show horses in America with over 50 horses imported from all over the world. The show has started touring with America's biggest tent and Cavalia Denver is their next stop. Cavalia Denver Co is your chance to see an amazing performance that will leave you spellbound with its brilliance. Just make sure you grab hold of those Cavalia Denver Tickets and get going!