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Apassionata The Beginning is a live equestrian show that features the most breathtaking performances put up by the finest in the world of horses. It is an arena show that has been one of the most popular in Europe, where it has been held for over ten years. During this time, it was watched by over five million people in fifteen countries with the performance of the horse and its rider much praised. From Europe, this show has now come to the US for magical performances best seen live through Apassionata The Beginning tickets that feature over forty horses performing equine stunts that would amaze and put to shame the best actors and acrobats. These horses are specifically trained with breeds from Bretons to Friesians. The riders themselves are experts when it comes to riding horses and making them perform stunning acts.

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About Apassionata The Beginning

Apassionata The Beginning is a theatrical event that is quite unlike any and the first of its kind in the US. It features horses trick riding, liberty dressing and team stunts that have been bred into the horse and its riders not for years but for generations at a time. Backing up these performances are musical scores that make the experience even more theatrical, captivating audiences from adult to child. This particular show is a unique one put up specifically for audiences in the US and Canada. It has as the director Scott Faris, backed by a Broadway creative team that has won many awards. It features the world's best riding masters and grand masters as well as the finest horses whereas breed and training is concerned; their enchanting displays are a must see live via The Beginning tickets.  
Foremost amongst the riding masters who make up Apassionata The Beginning comes Equipe Luis Valenca. He is the grand master of the Portuguese School of the Art of Riding and is famous all over the equestrian world. He has been training horses for most of his life and has some of the most remarkable riding talents. His horses have mastered styles such as Garrocha and the Iberian Quadrille. He has inspired authors such as Kirk Douglas who visited him particularly when working on his best selling book, The Gift. He has showcased his art in front of people such as President Ronald Reagan and Queen Elizabeth II, both of whom have been left with naught but praise for his riding style and the stunts performed by his horses. Such stunts are easily seen live by anyone through cheap The Beginning tickets.
Next comes a group of riding masters and mistresses known as the Willms Family who perform as part of Apassionata The Beginning. This is a family that has been training and riding horses for over three hundred years with members such as Sylvie Willims riding thoroughbred horses from childhood. Sylvie Willms is renowned all over Europe as the horse whisperer having captivated thousands through her exotic magic liberty dressage. Alex Willms, yet another member of the family, is renowned all over the world as one of the best horse trainers as well as for his handcrafted snaffles and saddles. Celine Willms is a horse rider and trainer who has participated in the Grand Prix as a member of Belgium's national team, displaying her skills to Queen Elizabeth during the queen's fiftieth anniversary. The family as a whole has trained horses for many popular film productions.
Other renowned equestrians who are part of Apassionata The Beginning include Equipe Laurent Jahan, The Knights of Iceland and Equipe Daredevils. Horse breeds in this equine show include Azteca, Appaloosa, Purebred Arab, Hispano Arab, Welsh Arab, Breton Draft Horse, Donkey, Friesian, Icelandic Horse and Lusitano. It is an award winning show, grabbing the Best Show Award from PRG Live Entertainment and reviewed favorably in the media including by the London Sunday Express who describe the show as 'pure magic' and 'the Royal Variety on four legs'. This is therefore a show that is a must see for horse lovers all over the US easily through Apassionata The Beginning tickets for an experience filled with the best horse riders and horse breeds in the whole world.

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