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 Criss Angel Tickets

The entertainment industry today has taken up the best position with the emergence of unlimited talent in different areas. Music, theatre, sports, reality and live shows are all the most common modes of entertainment for the people. The comedy shows, magic and reality shows specifically capture the attention of elders as well as the young people. Such shows are found to be entertaining for people of all ages and occupations. Also, such shows would snatch away all your tensions and thoughts for the time being and simply take you to the world of imagination, where everything is bed of roses. Such things are really healthy for the mind and freshens you up for a good span of time. Criss Angel is also a person who serves the people by providing such entertainment.

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Criss Angel, born as Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos in December 1967 in New York, U.S. is an llusionist, hypnotist, stunt performer, musician, actor and escapologist. He started his career in the nineties. Today, he is extremely popular mainly because of his TV Show named as Criss Angel Mindfreak, which debuted in the year 2005. The other amazingly popular show by him is the live performance show, Criss Angel Believe with Cirque du Soliel. Criss has an unbelievable talent which he uses in his performances to leave people in a state of curiosity and astonishment.

Criss has made various guest appearances on different shows including, The Oprah Winfrey Show, WWE RAW, The Megan Mullally Show, The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson, The Ellen Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Larry King Live And AVN Awards Show 2007. He also released several albums of his work. The first album that was released by Criss in 1998 named as “Music Conjuring From The World O Illusion”. Rest of his albums have been released in collaboration with Klayton. They include “System 1 in Trilogy”, “System 2 in Trilogy”, “System 3 in Trilogy”, Mindfreak, Supernatural and Criss Angel Mindfreak.

Criss was raised in East Meadow, New York along with his two brothers. He discovered his love for magic only at the age of 7, when he learned the card magic from his aunt. When he grew up, he decided to become a professional magician and was not interested in attending college. He got married in 2002 but unfortunately it lasted only for four years. His most famous show Mindfreak brought him to the level of popularity he wanted. The most interesting illusions from his show include walking on water, floating between two buildings, jumping out of moving car, causing a Lamborghini to disappear, getting run over a steamroller while laying his belly on glass bed and many other things like this. He also got injured while doing one of the stunts. Criss makes a relationship with his fans and viewers through his acts and illusions. Also, now he offers the Mindfreak Magic Kit, through which even laymen can learn the magic. It is kind of a detailed guide to the world of magic and illusions. Also it states the tricks that have been used by Criss for his illusions. This is even more joyful for people when they get to know how he did a particular illusion.

Criss is incredibly popular for his unbelievable talent and illusions that he does. He has a very huge fan base. People love his performances and enjoy it a lot but at the same time he also gets criticism from some people for involving the camera tricks in the TV shows. Well, such things are healthy for a star as they learn from the critical responses and seek ways to improve the issues. If you get a chance to visit the live show by Criss Angel, you must not miss the opportunity. Watching a live show by Criss will simply blow away your mind. In order to have a rocking time with your friends or family, get the Criss Angel Tickets today!




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