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The “Frog Prince” is originally a story by The Brothers Grimm and is the first in their collected work. It is a story revolving around a spoiled princess who meets a frog, after a gold ball is lowered into a pond. A prince appears as the frog. Though in many modern adaptations, the princess kisses the frog, which subsequently transforms the frog into a prince. In the original version, the spell is broken when the princess, in abhorrence, throws the frog at the wall. The Brothers Grimm are also known for one the most famous children stories such as ‘Red riding Hood’, ‘Sleeping Beauty’, ‘Pied Piper’ and ‘Hansel and Gretel’ and many other. But the “Frog Prince” remains one of the most recreated stories on stage and on film. A recent production of the show is taking on a new interpretation to fit the modern world. To watch this new twist on a classic story, get 5 Questions for Frog Prince tickets.

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In the original story, the princess Emerelda is a lone but clumsy girl with a magical power which she gains from the last Green Witch from hundreds of years ago. When comes the turn of her marriage to an arrogant Prince Jorge from East Arabia, and with her already hating him, she decides to run away into the swamp where she sees a frog, who is really the Prince Eadric turned into its current form by a witch named Mudine. The princess kisses the frog but turns into a frog herself, changing the course of her whole life. They set off to find the witch to ask her to reverse the spell. When the witch is not found, Emerelda uses her own magic, taught by her Aunt Grassina, the current witch. During the journey Emerelda falls deeply in love with Eadric and in the end, he proposes to her.
The story exists in many forms and adaptations throughout the world; 5 Questions for Frog Prince will not be the first. From tales around the world regarding The Prince Frog, Russian variants include the “Tsarvena Frog” and equally popular, “Vasilisa the Wise”. All these different forms were collected and compiled by Alexander Afanasyev, and these are the different versions that have inspired the many adaptations today, such as the new play and the Disney film, “Princess and the Frog”. In Italian discrepancies the “Violet Fairy Book” and the “Prince Who Married a Frog” were both included in Italian Folktales by Italo Calvino. Greek interpretations include the one by Megas called “The Enchanted Lake”, which is now often told as a folktale.  The tale was similar throughout Europe, although these versions are closer to the original.
In modern culture the story has been presented through movies, music, TV shows and even opera. In a Chinese interpretation “The Prince who turns into a frog” is a Taiwanese Drama starring Ming Dow and Sam Wang. A Muppets special from 1971 featured Kermit the frog narrating the classic retelling of the story. While in the movie industry, a 1984 romantic-comedy (also released as the French Lesson) revolves around a young British girl student. In recent years, the most popular retelling if he story has been done by Walt Disney animating studios, in their film: “The Princess and the Frog”. The film also brings a twist to the story as the princess transforms into frog along with the prince and together they have to find a way to turn back into human before time runs out. This was loosely inspired by E.D Baker’s novel (2002). The story was brought back to life and was made more popular by several works. In an episode of Adventures from the Book of Virtues, the title character was transformed into a frog for lying and breaking his promise. The princess’ character has been tried to been made better such as in the Cannon film version.
A videogame titled Superfrog (1993) is based on the Frog Prince story. At the Amphitheatre Park Schloss Philippsruhe, Hanau, Germany, a musical version was shown as a part of festival celebrating the original authors, The Grimm Brothers. A Jacob A.Greenberg written chamber opera for children was presented at the Brown Opera Productions (BOP).  Thus, the new stage production has plenty of reference points to choose from if they are to stand on their own as a famous version of the classic story. The humorous take however, could be just what they need to sell 5 Questions for Frog Prince tickets.

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