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David Seth Kotkin is one such great magician, who almost everyone on this planet knows so commonly as David Copperfield. David is said to be the most successful illusionist in modern times as well as in history. Forbes Magazine said in 2006 that Copperfield is the most commercially successful magician. David Copperfield has adapted a style where he performs illusions while telling the audience stories and for this art of his he has sold over forty million tickets worldwide. Copperfield can be said to be the modern Houdini in terms of his fame as a magician and illusionist and also in terms of his skill.

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David Copperfield was born in Metuchen, New Jersey and belongs to a Jewish family. Magic was not something that became a part of his life as a teenager or later. Copperfield was already performing in front of audiences by the name Davino the Boy Magician at the age of only ten. His audiences grew from just his neighbors and friends to many more in a very short period. By the age of fourteen, Copperfield was admitted into the Society of American Magicians. Copperfield was fond of theater and Broadway and loved to watch musicals. He was highly skilled at what he did from the start and the art of illusion came to him naturally, such that by sixteen, he was teaching magic at the New York University.

His interest in musicals eventually led to him being cast in one titled The Magic Man. The name David Copperfield was adapted by him as his stage name at that time. The name is taken from Charles Dickens book of the same title. His greatest achievement by the age of nineteen can be said to be the time when he was headlining at the Pagoda Hotel in Hawaii. He was an internationally known magician and at the time was only in his second year at university. Copperfield was given a lot more exposure and fame when Joseph Cates found him and produced a show on ABC titled The Magic of ABC. Copperfield hosted the show and there-after Copperfield shot over 20 specials that featured him alone. Cheap Copperfield tickets also has some experience in movies. He stared in a horror film called Terror Train.

David Copperfield is famous for his illusions in general but there are some illusions that he performed that he is specially known for. This includes the famous incident where he successfully made the statue of liberty disappear. Also, once he levitated over the Grand Canyon. Another famous trick that he did was walking through the Great Wall of China. Copperfield has authored two books with other magicians known for their art. These include the names Dean Koontz, Joyce Carol Oates and Ray Bradbury. His show Dreams and Nightmares made its debut at Broadway and broke several records at the box-office. He states that his role models were not actual magicians, ironically, but people like Gene Kelly and Fred Astraire.

David Copperfield has made appearances in different corners of the world and today he is one of the most renowned artists in the industry. David is touring once again and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for all enthusiasts and magic fans alike to witness some of the greatest illusions on this planet being performed by a magician who has carved his name in stone. Audiences ranging from little kids to people in their sixties all enjoy his performances alike and whenever he is performing, it is obvious that the house will be full. David is the best in the business and tickets to his performances are available online on our website.

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