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The famous psychic lady from Hicksville, Theresa Caputo is coming to the town of Rockford so do catch her live. She is famous for her inborn talent of acting as a medium between two worlds and she claims to have the talent of communicating with the deceased. This makes Caputo one of the most unusual ladies in the country. She hosts her famous program on TV by the name of Long Island Medium. To witness her talent live, get Theresa Caputo Colorado Springs tickets.

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About Theresa Caputo Colorado Springs Tickets


Theresa Caputo realized her psychic powers while she was still a kid. She claims that by the age of twenty, she was able to communicate with spirits. She got in touch with a spiritual healer, who eventually trained her to channelize her energies and communicate with the unseen in a better way. In 2011, she collaborated with the TLC Channel to launch her own reality TV show, Long Island Medium. This show has been successfully running since its debut and is currently in its sixth season. It has gained mixed reviews from the critics.


Apart from hosting her TV show, Theresa Caputo holds reading sessions across the country. This time she will be coming to Rockford city to host a program at the Coronado Performing Arts Center. So quickly grab Theresa Caputo Colorado Springs tickets.


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